See Kendrick Lamar Freestyle In A ‘Classic’ New Reebok Ad

See Kendrick Lamar Freestyle Classic New Reebok Ad

He told us last year with his feature on Jidenna’s Classic Man, and now he’s telling us again: Kendrick Lamar is, well, classic .

In a new video celebrating the Reebok Classic and his collaboration with the shoe company , Kendrick opens up about his classic sound and style, explaining what the word means to him.

When you think about rhymes and style, you always want a classic feel, the Compton MC says, as his Untitled Unmastered cut untitled 07 plays. So my first introduction to a classic shoe was the moment I stepped in school and I said to myself, ‘I want to put something down on paper.’ I started writing. Everybody in the classroom was wearing Reebok Classics.

Hip-hop was more than just the music; it was part of culture, it was part of having style, it was part of a whole graffiti and arts, he adds. It was only right that I wore the Reebok Classics then. I still remain that classic guy, and that’s the reason why I’m wearing the shoes now.

Watch the artsy video below to hear more of Kendrick’s classic musings, including a predictably spellbinding freestyle.