See Original Pink Ranger Amy Jo Johnson Suit Up For A Mighty Morphin Magical Moment

See Original Pink Ranger Amy Jo Johnson Suit Up

It's a mighty morphin' miracle! Amy Jo Johnson, best known to kids of the 1990s as Pink Ranger Kimberly Hart on ' Mighty Morphin Power Rangers ,' has suited up one last time.

The reason? She surpassed the funding goal for her Indiegogo campaign to finance her directorial debut, ' The Space Between ,' about a proud new father who finds out his child is not his own. Sort of like if Zordon found out that Alpha isn't actually his robot. But really not like that at all.


Johnson decided to celebrate the good news by donning her Pink Ranger suit for the first time in years, and wearing it out in public, playing guitar on the streets of Toronto in all her mighty morphin musical glory.

Johnson's former co-star and Blue Ranger ally, David Yost, wearing a blue shirt, sent Johnson a video of encouragement… and doubt. Mostly doubt.

But Johnson responded immediately, fully in costume, making it clear that she was about to get her Ranger on.

And here's the proof: Johnson out in public, in all her Pink Ranger glory, guitaring it up for a true Julie from 'Felicity' meets Kimberly from 'Power Rangers' moment:

She even teamed up with Batman!

Pretty much the best thing ever.

( via Uproxx )