See 'Mad Men' Star Kiernan Shipka Literally Grow Up Before Your Very Eyes In 23 Photos

Seemad Menstar Kiernan Shipka Literally Grow Up Before Your Very Eyes 23 Photos

' Mad Men ' will take its final bow on Sunday (May 17), and nothing can prepare us for the Sally Draper-sized hole in our heart we're going to feel when it's all over. (Were you actually expecting a happy ending? That's cute.)

For nearly eight years, we've watched as Don and Betty's oldest child navigated life's hardships -- struggling with her parents' divorce, the death of her grandfather, growing up in the tumultuous '60s -- without the guidance of her aloof parents. In fact, Sally Draper is proof that the struggles of a teen, especially a teen girl, can be just as dark and complex as those of an adult.

Actress Kiernan Shipka , now 15, booked the role of Sally Draper on AMC's 'Mad Men' at the tender age of six. So in honor of our favorite Draper, we're looking back at Shipka's incredible evolution from a TV child star to a perpetually poised young woman who's about to take Hollywood by storm.

  • First things first, she was born to be a star. Getty Images
  • Here's baby Shipka with her onscreen pops Jon Hamm.
  • Sally and Betty haven't had the closest mother-daughter relationship, but baby Shipka looks pretty happy with January Jones in this BTS photo.
  • She's been a show-stopper since day one. Getty Images
  • So poised. Getty Images
  • So talented. Getty Images
  • So gosh darn CUTE. Getty Images
  • She found her signature pose by age 11. Getty Images
  • And WORKED it.
  • Seriously. WERK. Getty Images
  • At 12, her transformation into Emma Watson began. Getty Images
  • Still so cute. Getty Images
  • Her style game is so on point. Getty Images
  • Emma Watson... is that you? Be honest. Getty Images
  • Looking ***flawless on the red carpet. Getty Images
  • Eyebrows on fleek. Getty Images
  • Everything on fleek. Getty Images
  • Thirteen and still working that signature pose. Getty Images
  • How can one human be so perfect? Getty Images
  • The ultimate #squadgoals. Getty Images
  • Fifteen and fabulous. Getty Images
  • Her style is a little bolder. Getty Images
  • But she's still our favorite Draper. Getty Images

    We're going to miss you, Sally. Thanks for being the most awesome teen on TV.


And Shipka, we can't wait to see what you do next.