Selena Gomez Got A New Tattoo, But What Does It Mean?

Selena Gomez Got New Tattoo

After all that Justin Bieber relationship drama , Selena Gomez is out to prove that she's priority #1 in her life. And she got a permanent reminder of that fact when tshe hit up celebrity tattoo artist Bang Bang McCurdy in New York City earlier this year to get some new ink.

Written in Arabic script, the phrase translates to 'Love Yourself First.' E! News spoke exclusively with Bang Bang, who said Selena came to him 'about a month ago' to ink the piece.

'Selena already had it written out how she wanted,' Bang Bang said. 'She had been wanting this one for a while.'

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Needless to say, the starlette was in love with her new tat. Bang Bang also notes that this is not Selena's first, but that he's worked on her three times now and she has a total of 'five to six' tats, and she has plans for more.