Selena Gomez Is ‘Good For You’ On This Week’s 'Saturday Night Live’

Selena Gomez Is Good

Ronda Rousey , as with most athletes not named Peyton Manning , didn’t have too much to do in her Saturday Night Live debut, with the former UFC champion receiving assists from Selena Gomez and SNL legend Tina Fey while mostly filling out ensemble pieces throughout the episode. Gomez was also making her first appearance on SNL, performing Good For You and Same Old Love in a medley accompanied by a circle of snapping men clad in all black, as well as Hands To Myself, performed on an Austin Powers bed accompanied by two very handsy dancers. Watch her performance below:

Below are some of the episode’s highlights:

  • Tina Fey and Darrell Hammond return as Palin and Trump.

    Tina Fey returned only weeks after her hosting gig with Amy Poehler to recreate Sarah Palin’s bonkers endorsement of Donald Trump . Fey’s Palin took a break from her full-time career of writing things on Facebook to support Trump in a speech mostly made of rhymes and sexual innuendos. God bless some of the United States of America.

    Leslie Jones moves on from her crush on her sexy-ass blizzard Colin Jost to Revenant star Leonardo DiCaprio, offering up ham sandwiches (but the good kind of ham, the type that gets put in the oven with pineapples) with the fancy mustard people eat in the back of Rolls Royces.

  • The Super Crew saves the city.

    MetroCity is being attacked by cyberbeasts, and only the Super Crew can help. Unfortunately, only a few of them have powers that can actually contribute, and they all feel they’re entitled to introductions. (Sorry, Noodle Man and Cous Cous.)

  • LD’s going to host SNL.

    Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm creator (and former Saturday Night Live writer) Larry David has graduated from his cold open cameos as Bernie Sanders and will make finally make his hosting debut, alongside The 1975. Prettyyyyy, pretty good.

Larry David and The 1975 will appear February 6th.