Selena Gomez Is A Sexy Stalker In ‘Hands To Myself’ Video

Selena Gomez Is Sexy Stalker Hands Myself Video

Selena Gomez really, really can’t keep her hands to herself… unless they’re in handcuffs, that is. And in the video for her sultry new single, which premiered Monday (Dec. 21), even doe-eyed Sel can’t talk her way out of a straight-up home invasion. But MAN, being a felon never looked so good.

Ironically, Selena’s hands are all over herself in the vid, which begins with our smoky-eyed seductress staring at a creepy collage of her imagined boy toy: tan, buff, model-esque Christopher Mason. Seemingly taking a cue from the fame-obsessed Bling Ring teen criminals, Selena breaks and enters into Mason’s L.A. home, and then wastes no time stripping down to her skivvies.

After perusing Mason’s impressively color-coordinated wardrobe, she tries on one of his 372 identical button-downs, clearly ~feeling herself.~

Nightfall arrives, and Sel’s still snoopin’ around Mason’s crib, marathoning his movies and fantasizing about some hot and heavy makeouts with the back-tatted actor. (This is definitely a deserving late addition to our list of 2015's hottest music video kisses .)

But then — uh oh! — Mason comes home, is understandably all WTF about the whole sitch, and calls the cops. Selena’s sent to the slammer, where she proceeds to reenact the entire first season of Orange is the New Black.

JK, that prison bit doesn’t actually happen, but there IS a clever little twist at the end of the vid. Check it out below, via Apple Music .

Selena Gomez - Apple Music