Selena Gomez Wore More Outfits In 24 Hours Than Most People Wear In A Week

Selena Gomez Wore More Outfits 24 Hours Than Most People Wear Week

Selena Gomez is in Paris for Fashion Week, and when she's not sitting in the front row at shows, she's changing outfits. Like, so many outfits — she's only been there one day, and she's already wowed us in five totally different looks.

Thanks, Selena; by the time Fashion Week ends, we'll have enough outfit inspo to last us for months. See all Selena's looks (so far) below.

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    As previously discussed , Selena arrived in Paris in a sweatsuit. Though it may look like something you'd wear on a plane, I assure you, it is not — it's a cool $1,400, OK??

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    Following her arrival, Selena changed into a bodysuit that was held together by nothing but string, a denim miniskirt, and open-toe, thigh-high boots. This is one of two denim skirts she wore in 24 hours, just so you know.


    From there, she went ultra glam in a Ronald van der Kemp dress. She obviously knew she looked ?, so she kept her sunglasses on, even though it was nighttime.

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    For the Louis Vuitton show, Selena wore her second denim skirt of the trip. Selena, I'm just not sure we're ready for the return of jean skirts . I'M JUST NOT SURE.

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    Later in the day, Selena changed into another Louis Vuitton outfit -- no denim skirt in sight, thankfully.