'A Series of Unfortunate Events' Is Looking For Their Violet and Klaus

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Real talk: the film adaptation of 'Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events' is one of the more underrated movies of the past 15 years. The 2004 film adapted from the bestselling ' A Series of Unfortunate Events ' book series was whimsical, oh-so-dark, and full of imagination.

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Luckily, Netflix seems to understand just how great this fictional world is and is currently in the process of adapting the books into a TV series . Which: yes. This week, a casting notice was sent out looking for young actors to fill two of the main roles of Violet and Klaus.

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For those who aren't in the know (or who might need a refresher), 'A Series of Unfortunate Events' tells the story of the three Baudelaire siblings: Violet (age 14, when the series begins), Klaus (age 12), and Sunny (age baby). When their parents die in a mysterious fire, the children are sent from temporary guardian to temporary guardian with the evil Count Olaf constantly on their toes, trying to steal their fortune.

A self-confident Violet.

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So, what is Netflix looking for in its Violet and Klaus? For Violet, Netflix is looking to cast an 11 to 14-year-old who is 'self-confident, capable and smart beyond her years. She helps her brother and sister solve problems with her skills as an inventor. She is the eldest and the natural leader of the group.' In the film version, Violet way played by the charming Emily Browning...

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A charming Klaus.

For Klaus, Netflix is looking for a 10 to 13-year-old boy: 'He's very smart and is a voracious reader. He loves books. He is charming.' In the film version, Klaus was played by the lovely Liam Aiken...

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So Netflix isn't exactly straying far from the book characters in their vague descriptions, but that's a good thing to us! Also, one of the cool things about the casting notice? It doesn't specify any ethnicity. Also, they're actually casting children versus the usual thing Hollywood does in casting kid/teen characters well above their written age.

OK, gonna take a nap now. Wake us when 'A Series of Unfortunate Events' is ready for binge-watch.

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