The Sexiest Scenes (So Far) From Season 2 Of 'Teen Wolf' [Video]

Sexiest Scenes From Season 2 Ofteen Wolf

Few things get us bloggers all hot and bothered like a shirtless lycanthrope under a full moon. OK, aside from potato-chip casseroles and fried pickles . We're little over halfway through the second season of ' Teen Wolf ,' and nearly every episode has left us wondering when wolves and reptilian murderers had gotten so damn sexy , thanks to an increasingly buffed-up Jackson Whittemore and seductive were-bitches coming out of the woodwork.

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Control your urge to take the bite while we highlight some of the hottest scenes (so far) from this season's 'Teen Wolf':

Shape-shifter brawl in the boys' locker room. ( Episode 7 ) When Scott caught a very naked Jackson-slash- Kanima threatening Allison , Jack barely had enough time to put on his gym shorts before being thrown up against a row of lockers. And so ensued a battle of epic proportions between wolf and venomous reptile in sexy human form. Who knew a roundhouse kick to the face could be so hot? We not-so-secretly love when Scott gets angry.

Meet Erica, the outcast turned sexpot. ( Episode 3 ) BHHS student Erica willingly took the bite after a hard-to-resist Derek promised her a better life , including an end to her embarrassing epileptic seizures. Heads turned the next day when the newly confident were-bitch waltzed into the cafeteria wearing little more than a pair of leopard-print stilettos and a leather miniskirt. Is that kind of attire even allowed in school these days? Clearly, Erica didn't care.

Scott and Allison's top-secret tryst. ( Episode 1 ) The first 10 minutes of the season was all sorts of sexy with a ripped Jackson emerging from the water and Romeo and Juliet Scott and Allison going at it like a couple of school kids. Well, they are a couple of school kids, but whatevs. When the forbidden lovebirds realized they only had one hour for a little hanky panky before Alli's folks came back, they took full advantage--of each other. When the bats**t cray Mrs. Argent returned, Scott was forced to escape out the window, cutting their make-out sesh short.

Olá a todos nos bastidores

Lydia's steamy rendezvous with her mysterious neighbor. (Episode 7) What is it with Lydia wandering around the woods dressed completely inappropriately ? Our favorite hot mess (sans shoes) followed Hot Neighbor into the forest for a smokin' lip-lock in his strangely abandoned house. We were all about it, up until HN's sexy smackers turned into Peter Hale 's cracked, charred lips.

Stiles makes friends with a few queens. ( Episode 6 ) While on a hunt for the Kanima, Scott and Stiles found themselves surrounded by drag queens and sculpted bodies at gay club Jungle. The queens gave Stiles quite the warm welcome, and naturally, he had to fight off a free drink or five. Hey, we get it, Stiles is hard to resist !

+ Did we miss any ' 50 Shades of Grey '-esque moments? Straighten us out!

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