'The Shannara Chronicles': Which MAJOR Characters Will Survive This Week's Episode -- And Which Will Die?

Shannara Chronicles

One of most powerful men in all of The Four Lands met an untimely end on tonight's episode of ' The Shannara Chronicles '...or did he?

Trouble began brewing for Allanon (and, basically, everyone else) last week when the Changeling killed King Eventine and morphed into the fallen monarch. And just as we'd feared, the demon quickly began royal acts of subterfuge: Tonight, it started plotting against Allanon -- and turning Prince Arion against him.

'The druid has been lying to us,' the king/Changeling told his son, adding there was a weapon hidden beneath the palace -- the Blade of the Warlock -- that could help defeat the Dagda Mor.

Enjoying his new bond with Pops, Arion bought the BS hook, line and sinker. 'I'll find this blade,' he said, 'and if the druid proves to be our enemy, we'll face him together.'

And face him they did: Later, the king/Changeling confronted Allanon about, like, everything , and the druid's proclamations of innocence fell on deaf ears.

'It is YOU who is the danger,' the king/Changeling said just before Arion brutally stabbed Allanon (twice!) with the Blade of the Warlock. Then, as if by magic, Allanon's body disappeared into thin air.

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'You did it, my son,' the king/Changeling said. 'The druid is no more.'

But is he? We all remember that time Allanon was dying from wounds he suffered during a demon battle -- until he went to the druid cave and magically healed himself. Hmm...

Meanwhile, Allanon wasn't the only one facing mortality: When Amberle, Wil, Eretria, Cephelo and Crispin couldn't make it through a blizzard on their way to Safehold, they decided to seek haven in an elven fortress called Pykon. Too bad Remo, the man of the house, was a total psycho.

After battling (and killing) the former elven officer-gone-bad -- hey, he'd drugged the group and even tried to give Amberle a lobotomy -- the quintet found the doors that led them to the only way across the mountain: a snow-covered zipline. But just as they did, that demon they thought they'd blown up last week was back -- and he was plenty pissed. Crispin stayed to fight the beast as Wil and Amberle watched; Cephelo, meanwhile, urged Eretria to use the zipline with him.

'What about the others?' she asked.

'We'll send it back once we're on the other side,' he said.

Yeah, right : Once they made it across, Cephelo began cutting the cable so no one else could use it. Eretria, meanwhile, refused to leave her friends: Grasping the handle bar, she zipped back across the canyon and, after urging Wil and Amberle to grab hold, the three began cruising back to safety.

But oh damn, that demon: Lumbering onto the snowy ledge, it grabbed the zipline cable and brought the trio to a standstill halfway across the canyon. Hanging on for dear life (literally), Wil brandished his elf stones -- but before he could finish off the demon with his explosive magic, Cephelo did the unthinkable: He cut the cable completely -- and watched as Eretria, Amberle and Wil fell to what would surely be their deaths.

Or would it be? Could the three somehow survive the plunge? Could Wil use his elf stones to save himself and his friends? And back to Allanon: Do you think he's really gone for good, or can he use his druid powers to heal his wounds yet again? Head to the comments and let us know what you think, then tune in to 'The Shannara Chronicles' Tuesday at 10/9c!