'The Shannara Chronicles' Poll: Who Would Win In A Face-Off -- Amberle Or Eretria?

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All together now: girl power!

The very first episode of MTV's ' The Shannara Chronicles ' introduced two super-strong women -- the rule-breaking Princess Amberle and rogue Rover Eretria. And already, the two have mightily clashed.

When Amberle stumbled across Eretria's campfire on her way to her Aunt Pyria's, the latter protected her territory by throwing a dagger at the princess, then claimed to be a married gal who was simply traveling to meet her husband. Amberle, meanwhile, pretended to be a teacher en route to an elven mission. But each knew the other was lying.

'You have no wedding band,' said Amberle, whipping out a sword and holding it to Eretria's throat.

'Well, your jewelry gave you away too, Princess,' Eretria sneered. 'I don't know of any teacher who wears the royal seal of Arberlon on their cuff.'

After a war of words, the elven royal left with Eretria's horse. But since the Rover's father later told her she must capture Wil -- and Wil is currently with Amberle -- we're sure the two will meet again. And if they do -- and perhaps even begin combat -- who do you think would come out on top? Read on for why we think both Amberle and Eretria are battle-ready, then vote for the most bad-ass in our poll. And be sure to watch 'The Shannara Chronicles' on Tuesday at 10/9c -- or, if you just can't wait for more, you can view the first four episodes on MTV.com or the MTV app!

All the reasons Amberle kicks ass

1. She can run through the woods blind-folded . The princess won the Gauntlet and became a member of The Chosen by navigating her way through a tree-filled forest -- while almost everyone else ate bark.

2. She turns random dudes into carpet. That Gauntlet victory didn't seem possible when some nasty bastard fierce competitor knocked Amberle to the ground -- until she got up, stomped across his back and headed toward the finish line. See ya, sucker!

3. She's clearly something special. HELLO, the Ellcrys tree talks to her.

4. She not afraid to cut a b*tch. What's a girl to do when she realizes a half-elf, half-human is watching her bathe in a waterfall? Grab a knife and put the fear of God in him, that's what.

All the reasons Eretria kicks ass

1. She's got good aim. Just as Wil was about to be eaten by a troll ('Elf ears are their favorite snack,' Eretria jeered), the rover saved his hide by throwing a long-distance dagger. Bullseye!

2. She's got that femme fatale thing going on. Bringing Wil back to what was supposedly her pad (guess what -- it wasn't), she got a little flirty -- then convinced him to undress, drugged his drink and stole his magic elf stones. Eretria: 1, Wil: 0

3. Girlfriend knows how to barter. Her dad said he wouldn't sell her off to be married if she found Wil, but Eretria upped the ante: She made Pops promise that if she came through, he'd grant her total freedom from his pack of rovers. Good deal for Eretria; seriously bad deal for Wil.

4. That tongue? It's as sharp as her knives. Among the golden nuggets she hurled at Amberle when they met in the forest: 'Does the arrogant attitude also come on a silver platter?', 'Afraid of the dark, Princess?' and our personal favorite, 'My guess is you're running away, probably from a guy who either broke your heart or knocked you up.'

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