Shawn Mendes Does A Pretty Good Adele Impression On ‘Mercy’

Shawn Mendes Does Pretty Good Adele Impression Mercy

Has Shawn Mendes been taking songwriting tips from the one and only Adele?

For the first 30 seconds of the teen singer's new song 'Mercy,' it almost sounds like he's about to launch into a cover of Adele 's runaway hit 'Hello.' Four moody piano chords repeat while Mendes vocalizes soulfully, and then he starts singing about a breakup. 'Mercy' could definitely have been written under the Adele school of melancholy hit-making.

Mendes steers things in a rockier direction than ' Hello ,' though; by the chorus, he sounds more like Alabama Shakes' Brittany Howard than Adele. It's a duality that works well on him as he vents the pains of a very amicable breakup (doesn't this guy ever get mad?).

'Mercy' is the latest song to be revealed from Mendes's forthcoming album, Illuminate , out September 23. It's shaping up to be a moody one.