Should Catherine And Graham Salvage Their Catfish Friendship?

Should Catherine Graham Salvage Their Catfish Friendship

Getting over a disappointing Catfish meeting is never easy -- especially after 'I love yous' have been exchanged and one person didn't exactly feel the way one should when uttering those words. But should Catherine (who was honest about the sentiment behind the sensitive statement) try to be friends with Graham (who was never 'in love' with his cyber companion)?

Let's rewind and relive tonight's episode: The New York native emailed Nev and Max because she had never video chatted with the Nashville resident, whom she met two years ago. Despite her fears that he was deceiving her, she wanted to believe his excuses because he was a supportive person in her life -- specifically, through her mother's multiple cancer diagnoses and her own battle with depression.

'He'll give me reasons to keep pushing through,' she told the MTV fellas. 'He's been there for me through it all.'

Fast-forward to the coming face-to-face portion: After the gang traveled to Tennessee, Graham bailed during their scheduled meet-up and Catherine was understandably crushed. However, Nev and Max assured her to not lose hope and Graham did indeed turn his act around the next day. And yes, he was the young man featured in the photos and declared he was 'real.'

From there, Graham's weak excuse for not showing up at the original scheduled time was that his family (who didn't know about Catherine) had unexpectedly showed up at his house and wouldn't let him go out. He also tried to justify not having a working phone with a usable camera and insisted that he did care about Catherine. But when he admitted that he was not in love with her, like he had previously stated during their correspondence, Catherine was devastated and needed to take a moment to compose herself.

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'I didn't know she was that strong about it,' Graham confessed to Nev separately. 'My goal was to be there for her.'

But Catherine regained her strength and told him point blank that honesty would have been better than 'f**king with her head' and added that his intentions 'sucked.' While Graham was apologetic and stated he wanted to maintain their bond, Catherine declared she was finished and walked away (without an embrace).

During the catch-up several months later, she believed that they might be acquaintances again but that right now, she was focusing on herself. Meanwhile, Graham hoped they would be pals in the not-so-distant future. But should they work to get back to where they once were pre- Catfish ? The pair did share a strong connection for a lengthy period of time and revealed deeply personal issues during their chats. However, Graham's phony amorous exclamations were troubling and hurt Catherine deeply -- so did they really know each other at all?

What would you do if you were Catherine or Graham? Sound off in the comments, and be sure to keep watching Catfish every Wednesday at 10/9c!