Should Joanna And Ana Give Their Catfish Love Connection Another Go?

Should Joanna Ana Give Their Catfish Love Connection Another Go

Sometimes we want what we can't have -- a point that Max wisely made during tonight's Catfish episode when all was said and done between Joanna and Ana.

But let's revisit the up and down California-based dramatic installment: Joanna initially contacted Nev and his brother from another mother because she wanted to become officially acquainted with Bo, a woman she met on the dating app Plenty of Fish one year ago. After the young mother (who recently began identifying as bisexual) made the initial move by sending a message to Bo, the duo's bond escalated and they came a couple one mother later.

As is the case with every fishy case, things quickly took an odd turn: The women only lived one town away from each other yet never met. While Joanna wasn't too bothered that Bo didn't want to video chat (she found the form of communication awkward as well), the two had trouble coming together face-to-face because of their conflicting schedules. Even more befuddling, Joanna actually chickened out on several occasions because she felt anxiety seeing Bo in the flesh.

But Bo wasn't patient enough to wait -- and ended things with Joanna and reunited with an ex-girlfriend. But the 26-year-old was still not over Bo -- and wanted to try to make it work with the love of her life.

When the detectives got to chatting with Joanna, they learned that her past with Bo was a bit more complicated than she had previously explained. Specifically, Joanna kissed Bo's best friend Ana in Las Vegas -- one day before Bo was due to meet them in Sin City. Ana came clean to her pal about what unfolded the night prior with Joanna and Bo promptly canceled her trip -- and ended her romance with her cyber companion.

A meeting with Ana ensued in order to get her side of this complicated tale -- and she confirmed that she did indeed hook up with Joanna. But that wasn't the only time they got physical: Joanna and Ana also hooked up AFTER Bo broke up with J.

That was only the beginning: Ana showed Nev and Max some photos of her with Bo, and she didn't match the woman in the dating profile pic (and she claimed she had never seen the woman in the images that Joanna had). When the MTV pair asked Ana if she was Bo, she immediately shut down the query.

'I don't think I need to put fake photos on the Internet -- I get girls,' she stated with a smile.

However, that was a big ol' lie because Ana was Bo all along. And when she finally came clean to Joanna and the sleuths about her lies, the encounter between the two former partners turned ugly (stemming from differing stories about how many times they were intimate), and Joanna hit Ana.

Nev reminded Joanna that violence is never the answer -- and when the two had finally cooled down, they reunited to rehash what unfolded. A tearful Ana expressed remorse for her behavior, while Joanna apologized for being so angry. As for a reconciliation, Joanna admitted that she needed time and they they would need to see what happens.

Fast-forward to the catch-up: Joanna divulged that Ana had someone new in her life and asked the guys to 'put in a good word for me' -- almost as if she wanted to be with Ana. Meanwhile, Ana admitted that she will 'always have love' for Joanna but that she was in a really happy place. But she still teased that in two months, maybe she was going to be back with Joanna (tsk tsk).

This goes without saying, but Joanna and Ana clearly had chemistry. They felt a connection during their Sin City trip because Joanna was really with the woman behind Bo. And even though Ana deceived Joanna, the duo still had meaningful conversations and immense love for one another when they initially linked up. So should they give their relationship another try -- without any secrets? Or are they better off as friends? Share your theories in the comments, and be sure to catch a brand-new episode of Catfish on Wednesday at 10/9c.