Should Lauren Forgive Theo For 'Faking It'?

Should Lauren Forgive Theo Forfaking It

Despite Lauren 's epic revenge plot last week, the Hester High student's hottie ex Theo was begging her for forgiveness on tonight's ' Faking It .' But should she exonerate the undercover cop?

To catch you up: Last season, the police officer was posing as a student at HH, where he was assigned to exposing Karma 's hippie parents for peddling weed from their juice truck. While investigating them, he fell in love with HH's lone conservative. Understandably, when Lauren learned the truth about Theo's true identity and that he was 'faking it' all along, she was devastated.

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Fast-forward to last week: Lauren, her step-sister Amy and Shane made their way to the new school where Theo was assigned and blew his cover in cheer-tastic fashion.

The outcome: Theo's time at that educational institution was over, and he returned to troll the wacky halls of Hester -- but this time as a beat cop. It didn't take long for Lauren to confront him -- or for him to beg her for a second chance. He didn't even seem fazed by her recent revenging.

So L sat him down for a full interrogation. 'Why do you like me?' she asked. 'You claim your feelings for me are real; you say you want me back… tell me why. And don’t you dare say it’s because I’m pretty. Though that can be one of your reasons.

T, who looked genuinely smitten with her, replied: You’re gorgeous, but you’re also a tenacious badass. You know what you want, and you won’t stop until you get it.'

And what did Lauren want at that very moment? Apparently, a kiss: She leaned in and gave Theo a smooch.

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So, steamy scenes considered, it looks like the former couple are on the mend. But was Lauren right to forgive Theo? Even if she did get the chance to even the score last week, their entire relationship was basically an IRL 'Catfish.' Tell us what you would have done in the comments, and don't miss the next 'Faking It,' Monday night at 9:30/8:30c!