Should Yasmine Have 'Let Go' Of Her Catfish For Good?

Should Yasmine Havelet Goof Her Catfish

A young lady granted her catfish clemency on this week's episode of the MTV series, but did she forgive and forget a little too much?

The uber-compassionate victim -- a girl named Yasmine -- had contacted Nev and Max about her one-year romance with a man named Lewis. But during those 12 months, Lewis changed his identity twice -- saying, first, that he was really named Meloe and then finally settling on Blue. And each time, he sent photos of a different dude.

So who was Lewis/Meloe/Blue for real? A girl named Keira.

'I did not do this to hurt you -- I love you,' Keira insisted after finally meeting Yasmine (with Nev and Max in tow) face-to-face. She then blamed her deception on 'insecurities,' but the severity of her ruse came to light when Yasmine revealed that Lewis/Meloe/Blue/Keira had once even urged her to profess her love in a decidedly permanent way.

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'You told me to get 'Lewis' tatted on me,' Yasmine said. 'Insecurities don't tell someone to tattoo a name that's not even yours on their body.'

Keira's response? She shrugged off the tat request like it was no big deal, then became irate and profane before storming away. But the next day, when she met again with Yasmine, Nev and Max, she showed remorse.

'I know I caused a lot of pain,' Keira said. 'But those feelings that I expressed to you -- that's real. That's not going to change. I'm in love with you.'

Yasmine, meanwhile, voiced that she saw value in her friendship with Keira but was drawing the line. 'I'll always care about you and everything you've done for me,' she said. 'But it's best to let go.'

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And after saying goodbye to Keira, Yasmine reiterated her stance to Nev and Max: 'It's going to be hard to let go, but right now I feel like the both of us need to find ourselves.'

The young woman, however, apparently had a change of heart: During a catchup two months later, Yasmine revealed that, in fact, she hadn't 'let go' of Keira like she'd planned.

'We talk every once in awhile,' she told Nev and Max. 'We were actually just texting earlier. That bond is always going to be there, so we might as well still be a part of each other's lives.'

But should Yasmine have let go of Keira like she insisted she would? Does she truly need to break ties to move on with her life? Or is there still value in the girls' friendship, and is Kiera wise to keep it alive? Tell us your thoughts, then catch another Catfish on Wednesday at 8/7c.