Sia's 'Mini-Me' Dancer Explains What It Was Like Getting Dirty With Shia LaBeouf In 'Elastic Heart'

Sias Mini Medancer Explains What It Was Like Getting Dirty With Shia Labeouf Inelastic Heart

After 12-year-old dancer Maddie Ziegler grabbed our hearts (and did a crazy dance over it) in Sia' s 'Chandelier' video, the 'Dance Moms' star emerged again this week in the singer's ' Elastic Heart ' video. Also starring Shia LaBeouf, 28, the video, which has the two actors battling each other in a giant birdcage, has courted controversy, causing Sia to defend the artistic video against those who took issue with their age difference.

But Maddie doesn't have anything to say about that. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly , the tiny dancer's only problem with the video was just how dirty she got shooting it.

'I’m going to be honest with you, it was the most dirty I’ve ever been in my whole entire life,' she told the mag. 'My shower was disgusting, and the water was like… ugh. I was disgusted.'

While her good-versus-evil counterpart Shia, who also wore a next-to-nothing nude costume, seemed unfazed by the concept, Maddie said the shoot was even dustier than filming the grimy video for 'Chandelier.'

'We had to rehearse in the cage, so we could get used to it, and we just kept getting dirtier and dirtier,' she said. 'And I brought wipes and everything and a change of clothes for when we left, and I was like, 'Shia, you’re gonna need these,' and I kept giving him wipes. But he was like, fine with it, and I was like, 'Ewwww! I don’t like being dirty!''

Maddie, who said she learned the 'Chandelier' dance in three hours, is a dancing professional at 12. And while LaBeouf doesn't have much dance experience, she said that he wasn't 'bad.'

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'I was confused, like, 'Wait, Shia’s not a dancer, is he?' And everyone was like, 'No,'' she remembers from the video shoot. 'But he actually did really well, he did. He wasn’t a bad dancer at all. For him, it was mainly fighting, and acting, and running around. And screaming.'

Though Shia doesn't share the same career in dance as Maddie (and doesn't mind getting dirt on him), the two still got along perfectly. In fact, Ziegler says she felt as if she knew him before they worked together.

'Actually, it was the same as with Sia,' she said. 'I felt like I knew him when I met him. Before we started filming 'Elastic Heart,' he took my mom and I to eat, just to start to know each other and stuff. You have to get used to your dance partner. Even though we’re battling and fighting against each other, we still have to know each other, you know? You can’t just walk in and be like, 'Hey, let’s start dancing with each other!''

Read the rest of Maddie's interview at EW .