SiR Gets Punched In The Face By Karma, And A Friend, In 'You Can't Save Me'

Sir Gets Punched Face Karma

Karma is a fist that punches you in the gut when you least expect it. If you're a good person, it's more of a stomach rub that makes you feel good. You'll find bucks or something while you're walking into the grocery store. But if you're a bad person, it's a haymaker that takes the wind out of your stomach.

SiR 's new video for 'You Can't Save Me' is for this kind of karma. It's like watching a heart smash into pieces in slow motion. Then, instead of cleaning it up, it gets sucked into a vacuum and then set on fire.

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The video kicks off in the happiness of moods. SiR's happy with his partner and introduces her to one of his friends who gives her a knowing eye. Time passes and we see SiR and his partner's relationship blossom into even greater moods; cuddling on the couch has never looked happier. They have a picture-perfect union that we could only ever dream of having.

Things take a turn for the worst when SiR, his friend, and some other pals party with some women and we're led to believe that Sir cheats on his girlfriend. SiR's friend then makes a move on the singer's girlfriend, and later, via argument, it's revealed that SiR's girlfriend stepped out on him, too. His friend justifies it by confronting him and reminding him that he slept with another woman recently. She punches SiR and walks out with the singer's girlfriend.

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Two years later, SiR is a miserable guest at his friend and his now ex-girlfriend's wedding. While everyone is happy and excited for the newlyweds to begin an everlasting journey of love together, SiR is down in the dumps. The entire situation is his fault and there's nothing that he can do about it. Later, he sings at the reception, a frowny-faced mess.

SiR revealed to Complex that the story began as a spinoff to the 1999 romantic film, The Best Man. 'We wanted to take a few feels from the film while still keeping the story as current and in today's world as possible,' he said. 'We think it tied in perfectly with the song, showcasing mistakes and their consequences, and illustrating how love comes in so many different shapes and sizes.'

'You Can't Save Me' appears on SiR's 2019 album, Chasing Summer. In an interview with MTV News last year, SiR revealed how the project came together. 'I started the album with six songs that I really fucked with and then built around them and thought about what they meant,' he said.

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Check out SiR's intense video for 'You Can't Save Me' up above.