Skipping Lady Gaga GIF (AKA Best GIF Ever) Embodies Our Excitement For 'Born This Way'

Skipping Lady Gaga Gif Embodies Our Excitement Forborn This Way

coceira no couro cabeludo e queda de cabelo

Seriously, what do you guys take us for? Just a bunch of deadbeats sitting around listening to every single version of every single released and leaked track that we can find from Lady Gaga 's upcoming album, Born This Way, while watching our countdown clock seconds tick away until May 23 when it's released? Come on! We have lives! We're living on 'The Edge Of Glory' over here! We have things to do and cats to feed real people to hang out with! And most important, LADY GAGA GIFS TO COLLECT!!!!!!

Like this one, possibly the best Lady Gaga GIF ever! This one was created, thanks to some genius on Tumblr, from Lady Gaga's recent HBO special, 'Lady Gaga Presents the Monster Ball Tour: At Madison Square Garden.'

We love Gaga's skipping/dancing GIF because not only is it how we feel about the fact that there are only 13 more days until Born This Way is released (!!!), but because much like Sexy Sax Man , it's applicable as a reaction for so many situations:

+ 'Hey, I have a crush on you.' [Insert Lady Gaga skipping GIF]

+ 'Hey, you're doing a really excellent job at work today.' [Insert Lady Gaga skipping GIF]

+ 'Hey, you're doing a really horrible job at work today.' [Insert Lady Gaga skipping GIF]

+ 'Hey, did you walk the dog?' [Insert Lady Gaga skipping GIF]

So maybe that last one doesn't work so well, but you get the gist. Anyway, if you couldn't already tell, we're super effing excited about Born This Way ! Are you guys too or what? Let us know!