Slick Pulla Is 'Focused On The Greenbacks,' Not Waka Flocka Flame

Slick Pulla Isfocused Greenbacks

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Street King : Slick Pulla

Holding It Down For : CTE/USDA

Mixtape : Slicktionary

Real Spit : Welcome home to CTE's own Slick Pulla. The USDA member came home in early January after spending two and half years in jail. He did three months of work release and three months of house arrest with a leg monitor. Now, he can now move more freely for the remainder of his four-year parole. The leg monitor is off and he's ready to start touring.

'It wasn't no problems with the law,' Slick said in his Atlanta studio. 'It was a possession of firearms bid due to certain circumstances. Due to a certain lifestyle, you feel that's how you got to move. Unfortunately, I already had an 'F' on my report card. That's not how the powers that be felt. I sat down. ... When you go in jail, you can do two things: You can come out dumber and go back; or come out smarter and go harder for your family and loved ones. That's pretty much the gist on that.'

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Obviously, Pulla is doing the latter. He just recently released his first post-prison work, a mixtape called Slicktionary, hosted by the Black Bill Gates, and is already well into recording the follow-up. Besides his music, Slick has maintained a relatively low profile — that is, except for the reports that his crew and Waka Flocka's entourage got into a scuffle at ATL clothing epicenter Walters in March. The altercation led to gunshots, but no one was arrested. Pulla refutes talk of his involvement.

'Slick's name was in some sh--. That's all that was,' he said.

As for the 'Hard in Da Paint' rapper, Pulla says the only thing on his radar right now is money.

'At this present time, I'm focused on the greenbacks, the frog skin,' he said. 'I got tunnel vision. I'm in a zone right now. I'm looking straight ahead. All that stuff on the left and right side, I'm not even worried about it.'

Slick is looking into acting and the GA OG also just launched 'Slick Prints,' his own brand of T-shirts.

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Joints to Check For:

'Black Ice (The Preface).' 'The reason I chose the beat is because how I do the music — I don't know how anybody else does the music — it takes me back to a certain time in my life,' Pulla said. 'When [Goodie Mob's] Still Standing CD came out, I wasn't even in the music then. I was a fan of the music. Goodie Mob, the whole Dungeon family, they set the blueprint for a lot of what's going on today. That beat right there ['Black Ice (Sky High)'], it brought all them times back.'

'Hood Rich Freestyle.' 'I did the Eminem track ['Lose Yourself'] 'cause one day I was in the halfway house and I seen the video,' Slick recalled. 'It was on '106 and Park' for the 'Throwback of the Day.' How the beat climaxed! My homeboy was like, 'You need to snatch that up.' '

'On Da Radar.' 'That's just a street anthem,' he explained. 'If you a hustler or about your money or whatever you do for a sack, you can relate to it. The hook goes 'I love money/ Broke ain't on my radar.' I love money, I'm trying to get it up.'

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