'Solatorobo: Red The Hunter' Review - Who Let The Dogs Out?

Solatorobo Red Hunterreview Who Let Dogs Out


Solatorobo: Red The Hunter

By Jason Cipriano

When games take seemingly random elements of other games and blend them all together into one, the results are usually less than stellar. However, XSEED's latest release, the localized version of CyberConnect2's 'Solatorobo: Red The Hunter,' manages to mix mechs, RPGs, puzzles, action, and anthropomorphic dogs and cats into one game, and somehow pulls it off.


The story of 'Solatorobo' begins with Red, the game's main character, infiltrating a huge airship, looking for a confidential file. All is well until he happens upon a mysterious medallion, and a stowaway passenger, Elh, the first of which causes a giant monster to appear and attack the ship. Red and Elh escape, only to spend the remainder of the game investigating the Shepherd Republic with Red's sister, Chocolat, in toe, looking for the true meaning behind the medallion, and their existence. The remainder of this adventure plays out like an action-based RPG that relies heavily on its story and characters, as it's driving force. In addition to the main story, the game also includes a multiplayer GP mode that basically plays out like 'Mario Kart' for the game's airships.

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