Some Are You The One? Season 5 Couples Are Still Together -- And One Is A Little Complicated

Some Are You One

Are You the One? Season 5 may have ended on a losing note , but for a select few, all's well that ends well. Several guys and gals walked away with a new companion and are happily together outside of the extremely sometimes messy game (c'est l'amour!). And one duo's relationship is still a bit complicated.

Take a look at the lovebirds and 'we don't know how to label 'em' pair below -- then be sure to catch a few of them on Are You the One: Second Chances premiering on Wednesday at 9/8c!

  1. Tyler and Shannon

    Even though the self-proclaimed 'bad guy' admitted to kissing Taylor on New Year's Eve during the reunion , Tyler and Shannon are still smooching outside of the game (proof above!) -- and she loves 'every bit' of her man.

  2. Hayden and Gianna

    Who says corn can't bring two people together? The lovebirds -- who clicked on Day One because of their mutual love of the grain -- are going strong, 'appreciation ring' and all.

  3. Taylor and Andre

    Are they or aren't they? Taylor's caption with the photo above is perfectly unclear, so we will just leave it at that.

  4. Ozzy and Carolina

    If you ask the Costa Rican, he has a 'Boogerflicker.'

  5. Mike and Casandra

    Despite an early spark, the current sweethearts got a tough awakening during that shocking Blackout (they were seated together). Fast-forward to the present, and the New Yorker native can't stop gushing about his 'stinky baby.'