Some Jerk Told Katherine Heigl She Had 'Thunder Thighs' In 'Wish Upon A Star'

Some Jerk Told Katherine Heigl She Hadthunder Thighsinwish Upon Star

With reporting by Chris Kim

It may be hard to believe, but the 1996 classic ' Wish Upon a Star ' is nearly two decades old.

The Disney Channel Original Movie is especially significant for Katherine Heigl , as it was one of her very first starring roles and paved the way for her future in the rom-com genre. In the film, Heigl plays Alexia Wheaton, a popular Queen Bee who wakes up to find she's switched bodies with her nerdy younger sister (played by Danielle Harris).

MTV News caught up with Heigl during a press day for her new flick 'Jackie & Ryan,' and we asked her if she had any fond memories of filming the iconic Disney film. What she had to say is kind of heartbreaking, tbh -- and not in a feel-good ~nostalgic~ way.

'This is so sad, but I remember -- because I was 17 when we did that movie and that was the time I physically stopped being able to just eat whatever I wanted and still stay skinny -- trying so hard [to stay skinny],' Heigl said. 'I didn't understand calorie-counting, but I was doing my Cindy Crawford workout video every day.'

Whaaaat?! It's hard to believe that someone as gorgeous as Heigl would see herself as anything less than a knockout, but at 17 it can be hard to navigate people's expectations of you, especially in Hollywood (er, Salt Lake City), with your own heath and happiness.

According to Heigl, the movie came out right around the same time 'the internet started to become a thing,' making her even more vulnerable to criticism. 'Some guy said I looked like I had thunder thighs,' she said. Not cool, random dude!

Now, the 36-year-old actress and mother of two is happy and healthy in her own beautiful skin. If only we could hop in a time machine and tell that to 17-year-old Heigl.

'Jackie & Ryan' hits theaters on July 3.