Someone Call Security: These Exes Had A Knock-Down, Drag-Out Fight On Catfish

Someone Call Security

A Catfish may not have fists, but the show’s most recent fraud nevertheless put up his dukes after an unprecedented ambush and started a type of brawl the show hasn’t seen in nearly 10 years.

On the latest episode, Nev and co-host Kamie jetted off to Sanford, North Carolina to meet Alfred, who’d recently broken up with his boyfriend of six years and moved out of the couple’s house. Why did the relationship fall apart? For one, Alfred said, he and his now-ex Antonnio weren’t even having sex anymore.

He doesn’t let me talk about my feelings, either. It’s been the same damn issue for six damn years,' Alfred said.

Alfred proceeded to explain how, about a year before he moved out, he’d begun talking to a military serviceman named Adonis. Alfred, who’d admitted to cheating on Antonnio, had encountered the 24-year-old on Facebook seemingly out of nowhere; Adonis had no social media accounts (he had Facebook Messenger without Facebook). Still, they proceeded to have a friendly chat and, before long, Alfred said, he was able to open up to Adonis without reservation, and he cherished their conversations -- even though Adonis refused to meet or video chat.

jovem bandido, meu nome é jeffery

Later, as Nev and Kamie performed some sleuthing, they discovered that one of Adonis’ photos actually belonged to a Virginia man named Dom, who confirmed that he didn’t know anyone named Alfred. Even worse, after looking up Antonnio’s ex-boyfriend, Vance, Nev and Kamie discovered that Vance had posted a local news story about Catfish visiting town, making him a likely suspect.

Nev and Kamie wasted no time jetting over to Alfred’s house to relay the intel, but once there, sparks flew: Antonnio showed up out of nowhere and started an argument with Alfred about his cheating, his sudden move-out and his fixation on Adonis. It was a straight-up Catfish ambush, and Nev and Kamie were only able to watch in astonishment.

And to ensure it was a moment nobody would forget, Antonnio dropped this bombshell: The reason why you can’t find a person is because I’m Adonis, bitch!

As if he was a bull who’d seen red, Alfred wound up and throttled Antonnio, tossing him to the ground before an all-out battle erupted. The two continued to fight until Nev and security separated them, but even then, the fury lingered. Still, they agreed that once they cooled off, they’d hash out their issues once and for all.

After sleeping on the incident, Antonnio told Nev and Kamie that Alfred had exaggerated the dearth of sex in the relationship and added that Alfred had devastated him by cheating. Antonnio said Alfred had vowed to never cheat again, but Antonnio wasn’t sure he could trust him. Thus, Adonis was born: Antonnio said the account was his way of getting answers from Alfred that he couldn’t otherwise. And after the first few conversations, Antonnio said he rediscovered a part of Alfred he’d missed.

It just felt good to be able to talk to him, Antonnio said.

Antonnio said he still loved Alfred and wanted repair their relationship, but they couldn’t put the pieces back together. Alfred confirmed in a catch-up call two months later that he and Antonnio had, indeed, made their breakup final -- but added that they’d become friends again.

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And while the story of Alfred and Antonnio was far from a fairy tale, the exes won’t soon be forgotten. So how do you think their scuffle stacked up against the craziest Catfish fights so far? Give your take, and keep watching Catfish every Wednesday at 8/7c.