Someone Has A Crush On You? This App Will Tell You Who

Someone Has Crush You

Dating in high school (and really, just in general) can be confusing AF. A person can spend a lot of time in a kind of romantic purgatory, wondering if their crush is unrequited or not. The mental jumping jacks of dating can run the gambit from heavily awkward eye contact to overanalyzing text messages, which is never a good time.

Thankfully, a new mobile app called Kiss might be able to spare you the anxiety and sweaty palms. Samuel Lurye , a 16-year-old Lincoln Park native created the ingenious app and aptly launched it on Valentine's Day.

Kiss lets users 'semi-anonymously ask their crushes how much they like them by asking for their opinion on several different possible suitors,' The Chicago Tribune reports. Basically, a user can send a 'kiss' to his/her crush, and the crush then receives a list of potential people who may have sent the kiss. The recipient of the 'kiss' then rates the list of possible admirers, and can send a kiss message back if he/she is interested in any of them. Super discreet and super smart, right?

Social Synergy Media

Lurye wants users to know that this is 'not the Tinder for high schoolers,' and as he told DNAinfo Chicago , '[My co-founders and I] are looking to bring old-school romance back to dating.'

Social Synergy Media

The app is the first product from Lurye and his team's social media company, Social Synergy Media. Not only is it impressive that they were able to successfully launch the app -- they generated $40,000 to get it off the ground. Boss move.

Why spend time overthinking your crush's feelings? There are already enough things to overthink, like which Instagram filter looks best, or which picture to post of your cat, or actually just all of Instagram in general.

You can download Kiss here .