'Sons Of Anarchy': Is [SPOILER] The Secret SAMCRO Rat?

Sons Anarchy Is Secret Samcro Rat

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

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Some big things happened on ' Sons of Anarchy ' this week: Juice went to jail, Gemma (kind of) confessed to killing Tara, Nero tried to leave town, and Bobby lost an eye. And that's not even mentioning Greensleeves, quite possibly the worst 'Sons of Anarchy' villain-of-the-week ever.

Here's what we're wondering about last night's episode — including a pretty out-there theory about the traitor living in SAMCRO's midst.

1. Is Bobby Going To Die?


It sure as hell doesn't look good for the senior Son. He's already lost an eye, and who knows what else August Marks plans to do to poor Bobby Elvis if Jax doesn't bend the knee. It's about time that Jax's actions cost SAMCRO one of their own precious Sons (and no, we're not counting Orlin West, who died defending the Stockton guns; he's lucky we remember his name!), but does it have to be Bobby? Is there anyway to save Charming's favorite Elvis impersonator?

2. Is August Marks Going To Die?

Probably, if we ever see him again. He's been conspicuously absent from the show lately, replaced this week by head-of-security Moses Cartwright. Not that we're complaining about 'Six Feet Under' veteran Mathew St. Patrick popping up on the show; that was great. But if this season ends without Marks in a body bag — preferably by way of Bobby sucking out his eyeballs — then we're going to be monumentally disappointed.

3. Does Abel Understand Gemma's Confession?


Jax's oldest son overhears Grandma Gemma telling Baby Thomas that she's the one who killed Tara, purely on accident. Throughout the season, Abel has inched closer and closer to the dark side, brandishing a hammer to defend his baby brother after the Diosa massacre. Now, he's heard Gemma's words; but did he process them? Does he know that Gemma killed his mommy? And if so, should Gemma watch out for Abel's hammer?

4. How On Earth Is Juice Still Alive?


That's pretty amazing, isn't it? After betraying Jax in season six, after running away from the club and spending weeks as a fugitive, and even after offering to sell top-secret SAMCRO intel to the Mayans, Jax and the Sons decided to keep Juice alive, using him as a weapon against Henry Lin. 'It's a big risk,' Jax acknowledges. It sure is. Is it an unrealistic risk, too? Maybe. But anything that keeps Juice alive can't be that bad, no matter how implausible.

5. When Will Nero Get Out Of Town?


Not that we don't want Nero on 'Sons of Anarchy' anymore. Nero is the best. But that's exactly why we want him out of Charming. The longer he sticks around, the likelier he's going to become collateral damage in this bloody turf war born of Gemma's lies. Someone needs to live through this thing — and if Nero wants to be one of the warm bodies at the end of it all, now would be a good time to bail.

6. Is Greensleeves The Worst?


No. He was the worst. At least he's dead now. But that entire side-story of Jax and Chibs tracking down and murdering the Oakland lowlife was completely superfluous in an hour that brought us a lot of other important moments. The cringe-inducing 'anti-semantic' remarks did not help, either. Worst subplot of the season? Pretty easily.

7. Is Chucky The Rat?


It's a bit of a tinfoil hat theory, but hear us out. SAMCRO remains fixated on finding 'the rat' who sold the club out to Lin. Based on their conversation at the table, they already know Jury has turned on them, but that there's another rat in play. What if it's Chucky?

'You know you can talk to me,' he tells Gemma during the episode. 'I know I'm some kind of mascot, and the guys think I'm a joke and stuff, but I'm a good listener.'

That line really sticks out, if you're looking at Chucky as though he's a traitor. Not to mention Chucky's history working with the Lin Triad; he used to be their bookkeeper before SAMCRO scooped him up. Granted, Lin chopped off most of Chucky's fingers, so it's hard to imagine what would sway Chucky back into Lin's pocket… but is it completely out of the realm of possibility?

Chucky has history with Lin, he has inside access to virtually all things SAMCRO, and no one suspects him because he's 'a joke.' What if it's Chucky who has the last laugh? WHAT IF HE TURNS ALL OF SAMCRO INTO A GIANT VAT OF HEAD CHILI?


It's just a crazy theory for now — but if it pans out, remember where you heard it first.

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