Sorry, The Fapping Robotic Arm Video Is Too Funny To Be Real

Sorry Fapping Robotic Arm Video Is Too Funny Be Real

Prosthetics have come a long way since the days of 'The Fugitive' and Buster Bluth. Now artificial limbs have complex mechanical abilities and can even connect to the user's neurological pathways . So, you might be tempted to believe the below video, supposedly from a French medical news show, which shows a man's device appearing to make a well-known motion:

While explaining the limb's various capabilities to the host, the man goes to demonstrate 'function number two' by pushing a button near the elbow, but it appears he inadvertently triggers the 'rapid fap' function, and his arm starts moving up and down vigorously, slamming onto the desk before going over his own lap. The two men share an awkward glance. We were tempted to believe it, too, but a quick Google search proved...

As a redditor pointed out , it's actually from a French comedy show called 'Le Dézapping du Before.' Here's a reel of their clips, including the fapping arm:

So, don't believe everything you see on the internet. If it seems too funny to be true, then it may just be the French equivalent of an 'SNL' sketch.