Soulja Boy Sends Chief Keef Death Threats, Gets Quick Response

Soulja Boy Sends Chief Keef Death Threats

By Maurice Bobb

Judging by his Facebook page, looks like Soulja Boy wants to do more than just poke Chief Keef. The SOD Gang rapper issued death threats via the popular social media site Friday (April 19), posting both of Keef’s cellphone numbers, urging friends to call Sosa to let him know he’s on the way and later, that he’s outside with the choppa, which is the latest euphemism for gun.

Incidentally, the newly emancipated Keef is in London, while the 'Crank That (Soulja Boy)' MC is in Chicago, the Finally Rich artist’s hometown. Keef, never one to back down, responded via Twitter, tweeting , (404) 713-7387 Call Me And Holja Boy At This Number ???? before adding , In London Ttu ???? New Number Dm if You Want It.

As per usual, the rapper born DeAndre Cortez Way is hiding behind the standard I got hacked defense, this time tweeting , My facebook is hacked all that shit is fu fu.

The two rappers are likely at odds due to Soulja’s run in with Keef’s GBE affiliate Ballout. Keef’s homie bragged earlier this month that he’d stolen Soulja Boy’s chain, tweeting, 'N L.A. Pushin On N---as Jus Too This N---a @souljaboy Chain Des N---as Fak As Sh-t I B Takin Sh-t #300sh--.

The rift between the two young lyricists is unfortunate considering that they previously collaborated on tracks like Foreign Cars and Say She Luv Me. In light of the rampant gun violence in the Windy City and, of course, the current situation in Boston, let’s just hope this beef just stays in the tweets.