Spencer And Caleb Hooked Up On 'Pretty Little Liars' -- And I Kinda Ship It

Spencer Caleb Hooked Up Onpretty Little Liars

On the most recent episode of ' Pretty Little Liars ,' a new ship was initiated into the Rosewood fleet: Spaleb. Spencer and Caleb made things official in Season 6, Episode 13 ('The Gloves Are On') when Spencer confessed her feelings for Caleb to Hanna, one-half of the beloved ship Haleb, and found comfort in Caleb's lips at the end of the episode.

Listen. I know why fans are upset. According to the Gretchen Weiners' School of Feminism, what Spencer and Caleb did on that couch was so not cool -- except, it totally was cool.

Instead of acting on her feelings (which she totally had the right to do), she went to Hanna first. Spencer told Hanna how she felt. That's what I love about 'Pretty Little Liars.' The show has never pit the girls against each other. It's never stooped to petty relationship drama. It's always been a show about a group of young women rising above the sh-t that the patriarchy throws at them.

If Hanna really didn't want Spencer to be with Caleb, she could have told her. After all, Hanna is engaged. She's moved on. But that doesn't mean it wasn't hard for Hanna to let go of halcyon days in misty showers and drafty tents. When she confronted Spencer about her feelings for Caleb, she went through about a million different emotions in five seconds -- we saw it on her face -- but she ultimately gave Spencer her blessing. Because that's what friends do.

And when Caleb grabbed Spencer's hand later that night, I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel some sort of giddy anticipation for what was to come.

Spencer and Caleb have always been one of our favorite, albeit criminally underused, dynamic duos on 'PLL.' They compliment each other perfectly. Let's not kid ourselves here: Spencer and Caleb are the only two people in Rosewood who use a thing called logic. Not to mention, they're both highly attractive intelligent. He's a hacker, and she's a political mastermind. Think about how weirdly smart and intense their children would be (or, you know, don't).

Regardless of what we think about this major romantic development, it's none of our damn business who Spencer and Caleb decide to hook up with. After all, they've both been single for years. Spencer and Toby fizzled right after high school, and Hanna and Caleb broke things off a few years into college. These are two consenting adults who have every right to get down and dirty in the Hastings' barn.

Of course, that doesn't mean everyone in Rosewood is going to be down with Spaleb. Hanna might have told Spencer to ask Caleb how he felt, but did she mean it? And we can practically hear Toby's heart breaking from here.