'Spider-Man 2’ Now Free To View Online At Sony Streaming Video Site

Spider Man 2 Now Free View Online Sony Streaming Video Site

Spider-Man fans may be waiting on casting negotiations and script details for Sam Raimi 's fourth web-slinging installment of the Sony franchise, but until those official announcements come and ' Spider-Man 4 ' really starts to take shape, fans will have to occupy themselves watching 'Spider-Man 2' on 'Angel of Death' original series by 'Captain America' writer Ed Brubaker ) is providing the film online at no charge -- one of many in an expanded line of content including 'Groundhog Day,' 'Stripes,' 'El Mariachi,' a collection of 'Godzilla' movies, and 'La Femme Nikita.'

'Our movie line up is unmatched online,' said Eric Berger, senior vice president, digital networks for Sony Pictures Televisionr. 'These are the movies that matter for guys 18-34 and this is the next step in creating our direct to consumer network.'

The site will also feature a new interactive game called Crackle Cinemactive, a game 'based on pop culture facts related to movie video clips from the biggest films and the biggest stars,' according to the release. Participants will be able to challenge a computer based or real-life opponent to movie trivia contests.

'Spider-Man 2' joins the webhead's Marvel.com-hosted Japanese TV series and 1960s animated series among free offerings online, rounding out a nice complimentary Spider-Man media library for the Internet, which is a pretty diverse slice of Spidey over the years.

Raimi's second Spider-Man film is a good choice, too, opting to skip back in time over the somewhat lukewarmly received 'Spider-Man 3,' which even the director had a few problems with .

Are you going to check out 'Spider-Man 2' on Crackle.com? If Sony was going to pick one Spider-Man film to make available online, do you think they picked the right one? Share your reactions in the comment section below!

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