Spoiler Alert: Here's What Happened On The Are You The One? Season Finale

Spoiler Alert Heres What Happened Are You One

In a series first, two words every Are You The One? cast dreads the most were spoken on tonight's Season 5 finale: 'You've lost.' Cue Michael 's perfectly timed outburst:

After a seemingly endless four-beam curse led to a whopping nine perfect matches during last week's episode, these 22 love hopefuls were 100% sure they had finally gotten it right.

'The whole house is confident in that who they're sitting next to is gonna be a beam,' Derrick replied when Ryan Devlin questioned the certainty of their decision. Heck, D even had us convinced of the outcome — this crew was in it to win it, even more so after they traded the Joey / Casandra Truth Booth reveal for an extra $150,000. In an adorably romantic gesture, Derrick even presented Shannon — whom he thought was his perfect match — with his Jesus necklace! Talk about serious. 'Just know whenever you need someone, I'm here for you. Whenever you're feeling down, always believe, always have faith,' the Charleston native said. But what about when she's lost her fair share of nearly a million dollars? Will you be there then, D?

So where did the Season 5 gang go wrong exactly, resulting in a final eight confirmed matches? Derrick's strategy wasn't that far off — the discrepancy did lie within the arrangement of a bunch of key players. The losing kicker? If Shannon had actually adhered to the strategy during last week's episode like she was supposed to, the crew would have had an additional week to rectify their massive money-losing mistake.

Alas, Devlin's final Season 5 quip: 'I'm sorry, you guys. You did not go 11 for 11. You've lost.' And that sound you heard was $800,000 being flushed down the toilet. To be continued...

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