The Stars Of 'Outlander' Know Who Lets It All Hang Out In Their Nude Scenes

Stars Ofoutlanderknow Who Lets It All Hang Out Their Nude Scenes

With additional reporting by Josh Horowitz

Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe play a pair of cosmic soulmates in ' Outlander ,' but do they share their characters' intimate knowledge of each other offscreen?

After MTV News put them to the test in a game of 'Know Your Costar' -- a sort of Newlywed Game for actors-- at San Diego Comic-Con , the answer is... sometimes.

Sam and Caitriona couldn't identify each other's celebrity dopplegangers, and Caitriona was a little bit iffy on Sam's favorite sing-along-able song. But when the subject turned to on-set nudity? To quote Jaime Fraser, it would seem they know each other verra well indeed .