Stephen Amell Killed WWE SummerSlam Like It Was Ra's Al Ghul

Stephen Amell Killed Wwe Summerslam Like It Was Ras Al Ghul

On 'Arrow,' Stephen Amell constantly has to question the life-or-death decisions he makes as billionaire playboy turned vigilante hero Oliver Queen. Is betraying his friends and putting his city in danger OK, if it means defeating Ra's al Ghul? Is teaming up with known murderer Malcolm Merlyn the right move, if it means preventing more casualties in the long run? And so on, and so forth.

But lucky for Amell, there were no such moral quandaries Sunday night (August 23) at WWE SummerSlam: he and Neville were the city-saving good guys, while Stardust and King Barrett were the menacing villains.

For those not in-the-know, Amell's battle with Stardust began months ago on social media, and the SummerSlam match became a necessity when the two men got into it at a Raw event earlier in August . Good guy Neville quickly stepped up to the plate as Amell's IRL Diggle, and a fight to save this city -- Brooklyn -- from Stardust's evil laugh and insane body glitter began.


Amell proved he was more than just a pretty face throughout the match, taking a whole bunch of knees from Stardust in the ring, as well as a non-sanctioned out-of-the-ring beatdown while the ref's back was turned. However, one flying leap from the Green Arrow was enough to send Stardust to the Lazarus pits, which gave Neville plenty of time to finish off King Barrett in the ring:

It was a beautiful victory for first-timer Amell, but don't necessarily assume that this will be the last time you see him go up against Stardust.

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'This went on for a while, with me and Stardust,' Amell said backstage. 'I don't know if it's over. I don't know yet. I can't tell.'

For the sake of quality entertainment, Amell, we hope you hold on to this grudge Slade Wilson-style. Oh, and for anyone out there who still thinks wrestling is totally fake... check out this pic of Amell's bruised, bloodied, and be-glittered back post-Slam: