Stevie J Has 'No Regrets' About Airing Joseline's Pregnancy On 'Love & Hip Hop'

Stevie J Hasno Regretsabout Airing Joselines Pregnancy Onlove Hip Hop

One year during college, I came home with a semester's worth of dorm trappings ... and mono. Determined to do more than chug Gatorade and sleep off the debilitating fatigue, I would kill afternoons watching telenovelas on cable. I bring this up only because it's hard to explain mistress Joseline Hernandez and long-suffering girlfriend Mimi Faust.

By episode two of the Monday night series, Hernandez was taking a pregnancy test with cameras following her into a recording studio bathroom and capturing every anxious moment. By #3, the results were in and the aspiring rapper/singer was in a three-way confrontation with Stevie and Mimi, his partner of 15 years and the mother of his two-year-old. But when the ex-Bad Boy records producer was asked if he regretted letting that drama unfold in primetime, he was cool as a fan.

'I live my life. I'm happy with it,' the Hitmen alum said. 'I have no regrets,' he insisted before adding with a sly grin: 'maybe one or two, but not too many. Im just gon' keep living.

'You know, it happens to the best of us, man, we just gotta deal with it,' he continued, 'gotta deal with whatever comes our way.'

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Rabid fans of the show haven't been as laid-back, taking to Twitter, where they alternately accuse Scott-Young of scripting the explosive plotline or take aim at SJ for being careless, even downright emotionally abusive, with the women in his life. So while the 'Mo Money Mo Problems' producer seemed casual about Hernandez's onscreen revelation that she was carrying his child, the show's creator admitted Stevie was actually caught off-guard.

'Stevie was just as surprised as we re, 'cause that was not something we knew either,' Scott-Young revealed.

'I had to take a sip and think about it,' the boyish SJ finally relented, acknowledging his paternity.

Of course, viewers know that after tears, fights and hand-wringing, the fiery Joseline decided to terminate her pregnancy. Asked if there had been backlash since the episodes aired, the reality TV star said, 'Absolutely.'

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Then, turning serious for a moment, he added, 'Let me just say, I'm pro-life, I have children. But at the time, I just gave her an option,' he said of the woman he's been grooming for a music-industry blowup. 'I just felt that she wasn't ready financially; she's working on her career. So I just gave an option. ... I'm definitely not God, so at the end of the day, I just gave a suggestion.'

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