Still Hooked Special: Which Catfish Update Surprised You The Most?

Still Hooked Special

Every episode of MTV's Catfish ends in traditional fashion: Nev and Max do a follow-up videochat with the week's online fraud and his/her victim to see where life has taken them. But c'mon, haven't you ever wondered what happened after that?

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In the case of five of the show's most memorable couples, we now know: Tonight's Catfish: Still Hooked special reunited the duos, offered an update on their relationships and, basically, turned into 'Where Are They Now?' for the ages.

So where are they now? Here's a recap of the couples' catchups -- check it out, then tell us which Catfish update surprised you the most:

  • Jeanette & Derica

    Where they left off: After discovering Derick was actually Derica, a livid Jeanette told the catfish she'd basically 'pissed all over' her. Apologies for the mental picture.

    Where they are now: Well, look at that -- sometime after the pissing incident, the two met again and 'hooked up,' but their connection fizzled when Jeanette felt Dericka didn't really care about her. With a little prodding from Max, however, the two cleared the air and revealed they had definite feelings for each other. 'There's still more juice in the lemon,' Max declared. 'There's more that can be squeezed out should you choose to squeeze it.' Jeanette's response: 'I like to be squeezed.' Aw, hell yeah!

  • Kim & Matt

    Where they left off: As Max recalled, Kim didn't feel sparks when she finally met the man who'd pretended to be someone else -- even though he did. 'She wasn't that into him, and he was very into her,' the silver fox said. #awkward

    Where they are now: The two stayed in contact and had separate happily-ever-afters: Matt announced he's now engaged, and Kim is a new mom.

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  • Joanna & Ana

    Where they left off: As Nev said, it was 'the slap heard around the world' -- when Ana revealed herself as the person posing as Bo, Joanna smacked the sh-t out of her. Their relationship ended on a 'tense and unresolved' note and, eventually, Ana found happiness with someone else.

    Where they are now: With Ana now single, she realized Joanna was truly The One -- and made sure she didn't let the hottie slip through her fingers again. 'It would be really cool if you gave me the chance to take you out to show you how much you mean to me, and how much I care about you, and how much I love you,' she said. Joanna's response: 'Took you long enough!' -- along with a great big yes.

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  • Marvin & Kylea, Jason and Kurt

    Where they left off: Max and guest host Chantal Claret (second from left) had forced the deceitful trio to delete their fake Facebook profile, and poor lil' Marvin went back to his life in Joplin, Missouri.

    Where they are now: Apparently, Kylea, Jason and Kurt had been trying to buddy up to Marvin after their Catfish ruse and, during their reunion, the former victim decided to forgive, forget and enter the threesome's social circle. 'I feel like I've [met] friends in the craziest ways, and I haven't given them a chance at all,' he reasoned. 'I want to give [them] a second chance.'

  • Dylan & Mary

    Where they left off: Dylan had pledged to stay friends with Mary as long as she stopped catfishing and, with that in mind, she swore she'd turn over a new leaf.

    Where they are now: Umm... As Max and Nev discovered, Mary was still posing as her online alter ego Ally and, in fact, had recently hoodwinked a guy named Darion. When the handsome young man showed up to confront her -- with a head-shaking Dylan in attendance -- Mary swore yet again she'd stop committing fraud, giving almost the exact same apology speech she'd given on her Catfish episode. So will she keep her promise this time? Only time will tell, but if you get a Facebook message from a mysterious blonde named Ally, be very, very cautious.