Still A Perfect Match: 'Are You The One?' Success Story Amber And Ethan Share Family Update

Still Perfect Match

Forty- one (don't forget the 11th girl twist!) ' Are You the One? ' hopefuls have searched for their scientifically compatible mates during two installments of the ambitious matchmaking series -- but after countless truth booths and stressful moments awaiting beams of brightly shining light, just 'one' perfect match is still together.

Fan favorites Amber and Ethan Diamond fell for each other during the inaugural season of the hit series -- and their romance only blossomed after the duo and the rest of their cast successfully snagged the million prize. Their lives post-Hawaii have changed considerably since competing in challenges for getaway dates and living with 18 other gals and gals: At the reunion special, Ethan memorably asked for his ladylove's hand in marriage , and Amber happily accepted his proposal (the sweet video is below!).

Soon after, they learned they were pregnant -- and celebrated their impending little one's arrival with a good ol' fashioned 'AYTO' baby shower/gender reveal bash. Before they became a family of three, the couple said 'I do' in a small, intimate ceremony last October, and Scarlett Avery made her triumphant debut right before Christmas. If it wasn't already abundantly clear, these Diamonds are shining very bright.

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In honor of the Season 3 premiere -- don't forget to watch tonight at 11/10c! -- MTV News spoke with the lovebirds about their delightful daughter, their upcoming wedding ceremony and what they think of the newly implemented game-changing component. Check out the interview:

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Scarlett is so precious. How is she doing these days?

Scarlett is absolutely amazing! Her favorites things are swings, Cheerios and Roxie (our Yorkie aka furry baby). She responds to both Mandarin Chinese and English -- every time you say 'fan' in Chinese, she looks up and waves!

Have any of your fellow cast members met Scarlett?

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No, unfortunately none of them have met Scarlett.

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What are your favorite activities to do with your daughter?

Scarlett is a little adventurer! We take her to the park every day, and she absolutely loves the beach and mountain hikes.

What has surprised you the most about being parents?

Everyone has always told us how rewarding it was to be parents; however, it still shocks us every day how much more we fall in love with our little princess. We've traded in our Saturday nights at the bars for tummy time and bedtime stories…and absolutely love every second of it.

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Who do you still talk to from your season of Are You the One? Are you friendly with anyone from Season 2?

We still talk to Jessica, Shanley, Ryan, Adam and Wes whenever we can. From Season 2, Ashley and Jenni came to our baby shower -- and Ashley has been a really good friend ever since! And Scarlett LOVES playing with her big southern hair.

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You are about to celebrate your one-year wedding anniversary (congrats!), but you also shared your plans to have a bigger ceremony in the not-so-distant future. Can you share any details about your upcoming event? Will any AYTO alums be invited?

We are planning on having our ceremony September of 2016 in the beautiful Texas hill country! We will definitely be inviting some 'AYTO' alums, but for obvious reasons, not all.

What do you think of the new Season 3 blackout twist (they will lose 250K if they get no beams of light)? Do you think it's fair? Why or why not?

That sounds awful! The blackout twist is definitely unfair…everyone's drunk and confused enough as is -- losing 250k couldn't get much more discouraging! I'm sure it'll make for more drama though!

What would be your advice for the Season 3 AYTO cast members?

Do not overthink it! If we had all gone with our first instincts, the game would've been won so much quicker. Also, be yourself, enjoy paradise and don't spend every second fighting for camera time because believe it or not, you just might end up with a kick-ass family.

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