Still Wondering About The Ending Of 'Moody's Point'? The Creator Shares What Actually Happened

Still Wondering About Ending Ofmoodys Point

When '90s kids hear ' The Amanda Show ,' it's pretty hard not to think of the teenage soap opera 'Moody's Point.' Clearly a parody of the drama ' Dawson's Creek ,' 'Moody's Point' was a show-within-a-show, appearing as it's own segment on 'The Amanda Show.'

Moody ( Amanda Bynes ) tries to get through life with her nine-toed father , but she's constantly haunted by her mother's (' The Brady Bunch ' star Maureen McCormick ) unusual disappearance in a hot-air balloon. (Yes, really.) At school, Moody deals with the antics of her eccentric friends as well as a teenage heartthrob who answers every question with another question. There were about seven or eight episodes of 'Moody's Point,' and each of them ended with a cliffhanger — like regular soap operas tend to do.


However, the last episode concluded with Moody finding out her parents weren't really her parents, and she wasn't actually Moody. DUN DUN DUN. Moody was switched at birth, so as a social worker comes to trade the two 'Moodys,' the show ends. We never get to see who the real Moody is, nor what became of the OG Moody. Talk about a horrible cliffhanger.

However, Dan Schneider , the creator of 'The Amanda Show,' and subsequently, 'Moody's Point,' actually told us what happened with Moody SEVEN years ago. On his website , Schneider wrote a blog post about why 'Moody's Point' ended the way it did.

  • For starters, Schneider wanted 'Moody's Point' to become its own show, a spin-off off 'The Amanda Show.' Nickelodeon

    'I tried hard to convince Nickelodeon to turn 'Moody's Point' into a real, full fledged TV series. But for whatever reason they resisted and I finally gave up,' lamented Schneider. Of course, he later noted an 'Amanda Show' spin-off did eventually happen, just not with Moody and her friends. Remember a little show called ' Drake & Josh '? Yeah, thought so.

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  • 'Moody's Point' would've been a lot like ' Zoey 101 .' Nickelodeon

    Had the network picked up 'Moody's Point' as its own TV show, Schneider would've compared it to one of his many other TV creations. 'It would have been similar to 'Zoey 101,' but with much more bizarre, absurd, random comedy. In fact, if you think about it, the whole Zoey-Chase relationship was a lot like the Moody-Spaulding relationship.'

  • Speaking of Spaulding, did you recognize him as actor Taran Killam , ' Saturday Night Live ' star? Nickelodeon

    Schneider credits the potential success of a 'Moody's Point' show to the long-time SNL performer. He wrote, 'I feel pretty sure that if we had made 'Moody's Point' into a real TV series, it would have been really popular — especially because it starred Taran Killam who's now one of the funniest stars of 'Saturday Night Live' (and an incredibly nice guy).'

  • Literally NO ONE on planet Earth knows who the real Moody actually is. Nickelodeon

    Schneider admitted, 'When 'The Amanda Show' was canceled, 'Moody's Point' ended with it. That's why we'll never know who the real Moody was. Even I don't know – because I never had the opportunity to sit down and write it.' Well, that's a spirit breaker.

So, although we still don't know who the real Moody is, it's comforting to know the creator of the show doesn't know either. But, maybe we will? After the crazy success of the 'Zoey 101' time capsule release , perhaps there'll be some kind of 'Moody's Point' reunion or aftermath clip in the future. We can only hope things will turn out all right.