Stranger Things Season 3 Is Happening But, Son Of A Bitch, We Don't Know When

Stranger Things Season 3 Is Happening

We hope somebody finally disposed of the dead Demodog in the Byers' refrigerator because Stranger Things is officially returning for a third season, and that home has been through enough.

Yes, we know this is the least surprising news of all time, but Netflix made things official Friday morning, confirming that a third season was a go but offering no timeline as to when fans could expect a return to Hawkins, Indiana. We're going to defer to Dustin on this one:


Creators Matt and Ross Duffer have previously stated that they have a four-season plan — though, there might be enough story for five — for the sci-fi series. The Duffer Brothers have also confirmed that the third season will take place after yet another time jump . (They have to keep up with Finn Wolfhard 's growth spurt somehow!)

Given the one-year jump between the first and second seasons, Season 3 will most likely begin a year after the events of Snow Ball at the end of Stranger Things 2 . This means Mike, Will, Lucas, Dustin, Max, and presumably Jane (a.k.a. Eleven) are headed to Hawkins High School. The specific setting is still TBD, but it would be cool to see them at the beginning of their high-school journey, sometime in late August or early September 1985 — just after the summer release of the highest-grossing film of the year, Back to the Future .

If you thought Ghostbusters was a big deal for the Party, just wait until Dustin starts rocking Marty McFly's Nike Bruins and double denim.

The Duffer Brothers have also hinted that the third season would find Eleven facing off against her old friend the Mind Flayer following their harrowing encounter in the Season 2 finale. Apparently, the Mind Flayer isn't content with being locked in the Upside Down by the tiny telekinetic. 'It had not encountered her and her powers until that final episode,' the Duffers told The Hollywood Reporter . 'Now it knows that she's out there.'

And if you're the Mind Flayer, someone as powerful as Eleven could make an excellent vessel for your nefarious plans. Dun dun dunnn .