Stuart Townsend Leaves 'Thor,' Joshua Dallas Will Play Fandral

Stuart Townsend Leavesthor

The mighty 'Thor' production has faced down its first major obstacle, as actor Stuart Townsend has left the cast.

According to the The Warriors Three — departed the cast of Kenneth Branagh's 'Thor' last week due to unspecified creative differences.

The role has already been recast, however, in the form of virtual unknown Joshua Dallas. The actor's resume is fairly light, though he does have a role in the upcoming war film 'Red Tails,' which features a story from ' Star Wars ' creator George Lucas.

Finding a more recognizable face to replace Townsend wasn't a likely prospect given the fact that 'Thor' begins shooting this week. Whether or not Dallas is an adequate replacement for Townsend is difficult to say right now, but readers that are familiar with the actor's body of work are encouraged to weigh in on the casting change in the comments section below.

This isn't the first time that Townsend has left a major production in the eleventh hour. The ' League of Extraordinary Gentlemen ' actor was set to play Aragorn in Peter Jackson's 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy before being replaced by Viggo Mortensen .

It's also not the first time that the part of Fandral has seen some reshuffling, as ' Chuck ' star Zachary Levi famously revealed that he was a lock for the role some months ago, but he ultimately had to leave the project due to his television commitments.

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