Sum41 Ask Fans To Help Them Dive Into Second Video

Sum41 Ask Fans Help Them Dive Into Second Video

They play melodic punk songs, have a seemingly random number affixed to the end of their name and are about to embark on a U.S. tour with Blink-182, so it's no wonder Sum41 have been repeatedly compared to the impish pants and jacket removers. Sum41's upcoming wacky video for the song 'In Too Deep,' which spoofs the 1986 Rodney Dangerfield film 'Back to School,' isn't likely to change things. But the band is having too much fun to care.

'Right now I'm 19 years old and I'm spending the week in L.A. to do a video shoot while everyone I knew in high school is working in a factory,' drummer Steve Jocz said. 'Next week I get to travel to Europe to do a week of shows there. I'm having a blast so I don't give a f--- who we get compared to. Besides, we really like Blink-182. It would be a lot worse if we were being compared to someone who sucked.'

'In Too Deep' will be shot by Marc Klasfeld, who also filmed Sum41's 'Fat Lip' and has worked with Dope, Juvenile, and Shaggy and Janet Jackson. As they did with their first video, Sum41 are inviting fans to join in the fun when they shoot the new one on Sunday and Monday in Los Angeles. The first 400 kids who show up on Sunday at the City of Industry Resort Swim Center at the Sheraton Hotel in City of Industry, California, will get to be in the clip. The band has posted the invitation to fans on its Web site.

'When we did our first video, people said the kids looked so real, and that's because they were real,' Jocz said. 'So we decided we want to have our fans in every video we do. Videos are for fans to see, so you might as well have them in there, [rather] than some hoochie-coochie mama.'

For 'In Too Deep,' Sum41 will play members of a maverick diving team that compete against a group of Speedo-clad jocks. The jocks will execute perfect, precision dives, while the band members will be filmed flailing through the air in slow motion. As in the climax of 'Back to School,' Jocz will win the meet with a bizarre dive that involves jumping from one board to another before plummeting into the pool.

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'We certainly weren't the cool kids when we were in high school,' Jocz said. 'We didn't get along with any of the jocks. There are always the cool dudes and the nerds, and we were the nerds.'

Competition footage in the video will be intercut with shots of the group performing in an empty swimming pool while fans swarm and mosh around them. For his guitar solo, Dave Baksh will be shot rising from the water, instrument in hand. At the end of the solo, he will re-submerge into the watery depths.

While the video should be edited and ready to go by early July, the clip won't begin airing until the buzz from 'Fat Lip' has died down, the band's publicist said.