The Super-Simple 'Fast & Furious' Timeline Explained For Dummies

Super Simplefast Furioustimeline Explained

To the unseasoned layman, the timeline of the 'Fast & Furious' series probably seems like it's a perplexing mess.

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'Huh? What is cars?' these rubes probably say when first they encounter the complexity of the intricate web woven by Dominic Torretto and company.

Wonder no more, you rubes! Now that you've come out of 'Furious 7' scratching your lice-infested heads in confusion over the time tripping madness, let MTV News soothe your troubled mind by laying out the definitive timeline of the series that lives its life a quarter plotline at a time.

  1. 'The Fast And The Furious' Universal

    This one is easy! This movie was first, and comes first in the timeline. Simple.

  2. '2 Fast 2 Furious' Universal

    Also easy! Second film in the series, and you can watch it second.

  3. 'Fast & Furious' Universal

    What's complicated about skipping the third film and going right to the fourth one? Nothing. Stop complaining and just enjoy the ride.

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  4. 'Fast Five' Universal

    This movie is great! Also you should watch it next.

  5. 'Fast & Furious 6' Except The End Universal

    The majority of the sixth installment takes place after 'Fast Five,' but here's where things start to get mixed up ever so slightly. Watch the movie, but turn it off (for the moment) before the end credits scene featuring Jason Statham shows up.

  6. The Beginning Of 'Furious 7' Universal

    The opening scene of 'Furious 7' through The Rock's fight with Jason Statham -- where his Deckard bro finds out the location of Han in Tokyo -- comes next. Walk out of the movie theater after this, and then go watch...

  7. 'The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift' Up Until Han Dies Universal

    Almost all of the third installment takes place simultaneously with the beginning of 'Furious 7,' right up until Han dies. So pause the movie on your VCR there. You still have a VCR, right?

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  8. 'Furious 7' After The Rock/Statham Fight For About 10 Minutes Universal

    Everything following The Rock/Statham fight, up until the scene at the Toretto house takes place at the same time as 'Tokyo Drift,' as mentioned, so just head back into the theater and then leave again 10 minutes later.

  9. The End Of 'Fast & Furious 6' And A Few Scenes In 'Furious 7' And Also The Rest Of 'Tokyo Drift' Except The End Credits Universal

    Head back to your laserdisc player and boot up the end of 'Fast & Furious 6' for the scene where Statham kills Han. Then head back into the theater for about 15 seconds of 'Furious 7' which replays part of that scene. Also watch the rest of that scene, where Dom says he's headed to Tokyo, up through the scene where 'Tokyo Drift' guy hears a friend of Han's is there to see him. Then leave the theater again. Also be sure to watch everything else in 'Tokyo Drift,' except the end credits. Technically this also takes place simultaneously with 'Furious 7' while Dom is on a plane or something, in case you want to have two screens going.

  10. The End Credits Of 'Tokyo Drift' Universal

    Watch the scene where 'Tokyo Drift' guy gets challenged to a race, and it turns out to be Dom! Then burn your VCR.

  11. The Rest Of 'Furious 7' Universal

    Back to the Cineplex for the scene where 'Tokyo Drift' guy gives Han's possessions to Dom, all the way though the end of the movie. And that's it! Easy, right?

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    Now all you need to do is also watch 'Better Luck Tomorrow,' an entirely different film that introduced several characters in the series, and all the short films that debuted digitally and on DVD, and play all of the tie-in games and you should be good to go!