Supercut: 'We're Not So Different, You and I'

Supercut Were Not Different

For whatever reason, there have always been a select few lines in movies that are repeated often over the history of cinema but are never actually said by anyone in real life. No one ever responds to an invitation with a heartfelt 'I'd like that' in real life. It's just 'yes' or 'sure' or something. There is no 'I'd like that.' It's bothersome. If it started actually being said by people any of us know, I'd like that.

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A close cousin of 'I'd like that' is 'We're not so different, you and I,' and the latter is arguably more egregious, if only because the line is only said by the antagonist to the protagonist as a way to either empathize with or justify himself to him or her. Always. For proof, embedded above is a long overdue supercut of instances that the line has been used, appropriately starting with Dr. Evil to Austin Powers.

Yes, breaking news, screenwriters can sometimes be pretty damn lazy. And don't think I won't be expecting an 'I'd like that' supercut sometime in the coming months. Indeed, I would like that.