'Supergirl' Needs To Add Another Alien, And Her Name Is Miss Martian

Supergirlneeds Add Another Alien


Monday night's episode of 'Supergirl' not only brought forth a startling revelation about the true identity of DEO head Hank Henshaw, but it also introduced us to one of the best known legends in DC Comics history. Turns out that Henshaw -- at least, the Henshaw who's been guiding Kara Danvers all this time -- is actually J'onn J'onzz, a refugee from the planet Mars who you might know better as the Martian Manhunter.

But while J'onn's a founding member of the Justice League who's been around since the Silver Age of comics, he's not the only Martian hero in DC's arsenal. There's another prominent crime-fighter from the Red Planet who clearly deserves to be a part of 'Supergirl' canon now that the show's given her an opening -- and that's M'Gann M'orzz, AKA Miss Martian.

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In the long history of DC Comics superheroes, Miss Martian is actually a relatively new character -- she first appeared in an issue of 'Teen Titans' in 2006, and hasn't yet been brought back into the rebooted New 52 since then. Most of her fans probably know her best as a member of the team in 'Young Justice,' the short lived (but critically beloved) 2010 animated series from Cartoon Network.

Even though she hasn't been a part of the DC family for as long as Supergirl has, she'd be a perfect addition to the 'Supergirl' series for a number of awesome reasons:

  1. Kara and M'Gann already have a lot in common. Cartoon Network

    In her first comic appearance, M'Gann was sent to Earth by her parents to escape a civil war between the Green Martians and the White Martians on her planet. In the animated series, she also claims to be J'onn J'onzz's niece, making her yet another young female hero who's related to the big guy in a cape that you already know.

    But the similarities don't stop there: they're also pretty close to one another in terms of personality. In 'Young Justice,' M'Gann originally comes off as a perky, bubbly girl who's a little shy around her fellow heroes. While she becomes more serious as the series goes on, she never loses that sweet, caring, compassionate aspect of herself. Gee, who does that sound kind of like?

  2. They also face a lot of the same internal battles. CBS

    Throughout 'Supergirl,' Kara's story has always been one of identity; she's trying to forge her own path in the wake of her more famous cousin, come to terms with her Kryptonian heritage, and figure out how to be a confident young woman in the working world.

    M'Gann's problems are actually very similar, but her identity issues run even deeper; unlike J'onn she's actually a White Martian, a marginalized ethnic group on Mars with a reputation (which, in the comics, is unfortunately well-earned) for being savage and evil. She struggles with breaking away from the stereotypes surrounding her race and even hides her background from everyone in her life with her shapeshifting powers -- all of which could make for some really riveting drama on 'Supergirl.'

  3. Kara could always use a partner in crime (fighting) -- and some more female friends, too. Cartoon Network

    'Supergirl' has done an amazing, fantastic job with exploring its female relationships so far, but it can always be doing more to celebrate different kinds of relationships -- and if there's one place it can do a little better, it's in exploring how women become friends and especially peers with one another.

    Sure, Kara's ties to her sister and mother are important and meaningful, as is her mentorship with Cat Grant. But so far the closest thing we have to a female friend for her is Lucy Lane, and they're currently stuck in a love triangle together. Even when Lucy and Kara do become closer (as we know they will!) Lucy's still a civilian who's never going to be able to understand what Kara's going through when she flies off to stop evil.

    But with her comparable strength and her awesome telepathic powers, M'Gann would totally be able to talk shop with Kara and even help her out in saving the world. She'd be the only person to really get exactly what Kara's going through as an alien immigrant living on Earth with superpowers.

  4. In fact, Kara could even mentor her . CBS

    Kara might have been older than Clark Kent was when she first crashed, but she still has a family to help her adjust to life on Earth. If 'Supergirl' does bring in M'Gann, she's going to need that same level of support and guidance that Kara got, and J'onn might not be able to provide all of it... He's busy pretending to be Hank Henshaw, after all, and he won't understand everything M'Gann would be going through as a young girl. Kara totally could, because she's currently dealing with the same transition herself.

  5. Heck, maybe she could get her own spin-off series! Cartoon Network

    Remember, 'The Flash' first got its start via a Barry Allen cameo on 'Arrow'. If 'Supergirl' wanted to go in that direction and create its own DC expanded universe like the CW shows have, 'Miss Martian' would be an amazing character to lead the charge with. She and Supergirl might be much more similar to one another than Barry and Oliver Queen, but there's no saying that CBS could't take M'Gann in a completely different direction and make her a darker foil to Kara instead. And with a shapeshifter as their lead, there are all kinds of amazing stories a 'Miss Martian' series could explore unlike anything we've seen in the superhero genre so far. Plus, who doesn't want more female superheroes in charge of their own shows?