Supernatural Leviathan Dick Roman Is No Match For Young John Winchester

Supernatural Leviathan Dick Roman Is No Match

Remember way back in Supernatural Season 7 when Dean and Sam Winchester took on a horde of Purgatory creatures called Leviathans? Billionaire business mogul Dick Roman ( James Patrick Stuart ) led the army of God's prehistoric beasts before Dean eventually ganked him and got himself tossed into a literal hellhole.

While we haven't seen dick of Dick (sorry) since his death — even though no one on this show ever actually stays dead — he's apparently hanging out at the same gym as Young John Winchester ( Matt Cohen ). On Wednesday (February 1), Stuart tweeted out how impressed he was with Cohen's beast mode.

So let me get this straight. A guy who can do this with his face marvels at the strength of a 'mere mortal'? That's cute.

The next day, Cohen retweeted Stuart and responded , 'It was all an illusion.' Pfft, don't lie to us, Matt. We know how buff you are: exhibits A , B , and C . Even better is the fact Crowley ( Mark Sheppard ), a.k.a. THE KING OF HELL, liked Stuart's tweet. Guys , you're both supernatural beings with crazy awesome powers. Surely some weightlifting by a human isn't the most impressive thing you've come across during your dark reigns in Hell and beyond?

Though Stuart and Cohen never appeared on an episode together — but they do work with each other on General Hospital — it's still nice to know the duo seemingly have the same workout schedule. It would be fun to see Dick Roman and Young John Winchester together in the Supernatural universe, however. Not sure how that'd go down, but please make it happen, writers.

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