'Supernatural': LOL At These Hilarious Moments From The Season 10 Gag Reel

Supernatural Lol These Hilarious Moments From Season 10 Gag Reel

Sure the plots of ' Supernatural ' are nothing but gloom and doom -- but after watching any of the seasons' gag reels, you'll realize Jensen Ackles , Jared Padalecki , Misha Collins and the rest of the cast are a bunch of adorkable goofballs.

Personally, I treat SPN gag reels like Castiel's healing power. After like the 100th sad moment (re: Dean leaving a note for Sam under Baby's car keys that reads, 'She’s all yours') I need to watch something that'll get me outta my 'The Mark Of Cain Is Literally Ruining Everything In Life' slump.

So, if you're looking for a little pick-me-up before Season 11's premiere, let's take a look back at some of the best moments from Season 10's gag reel. If we laugh hard enough, maybe the Darkness won't get us. Maybe.

  1. Dean's uber dramatic look into the camera The CW

    Complete with ugly Christmas sweater.

  2. When this poor soul randomly started drooling during a take The CW
  3. Which then prompted J&J to drool themselves The CW

    Also, Jared's laugh is precious.

  4. Literally every facial expression happening here The CW
  5. When Crowley ( Mark Sheppard ) overshared The CW
  6. Sam's astute observation The CW
  7. When we learned Sam's middle name is, in fact, a curse word. The CW
  8. Jared's response when Misha tells him, 'You're jaywalking again' The CW
  9. When Jared got extra personal with Jensen's face The CW

    *Sound of girls screaming in the distance*

  10. And, of course, when the boys dressed up as each other's characters The CW

    Because, duh

Woo! Let's do this.

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