'Supernatural': Lucifer Returns And Blows The Fandom's Mind

Supernatural Lucifer Returns

Last week's episode of ' Supernatural ' was directed by everyone's favorite archangel Gabriel, aka Richard Speight, Jr. We learned that A) Sam ( Jared Padalecki ) had an imaginary friend as a kid, and B) His imaginary friend wasn't so imaginary.

When Sully (Nate Torrence) reconnected with Sam, he needed the Winchesters help to stop someone — or something — from killing his 'imaginary' friends. The episode was Darkness-free, and the last time we saw Amara (now played by Emily Swallow) she escaped from Sam and Dean, ( Jensen Ackles ) and was roaming free in the world. Yikes. Oh, and don't forget she is God's sister .

Check out our five biggest moments from ' O Brother, Where Art Thou? '.

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  1. The Darkness on the prowl Katie Yu / The CW

    The episode opened with Amara listening to a street preacher (Ron Selmour) shouting about God. Obviously a sore spot, Amara turned a fountain's water into blood and started striking people down with lightning bolts, completely frying their bodies. Well damn, girl. The episode's only been on for two minutes.

    Meanwhile, Sam had another vision, this time finding himself face to face with Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino), who touched his face. Then, Sam's vision changed scenery to place Sam in front of a burning bush. As Sam tried to explain what happened in his vision to Dean, the older Winchester didn't want to hear it, even though he knew Lucifer was probably the droid they were looking for.

    The Winchesters approached Crowley (Mark Sheppard), who didn't know Amara was God's sister. Get with the program, Crowely. Sheesh. Crowley mysteriously told the boys there might be a way to solve their dilemma: They needed to find a way to dilute Lucifer's powers, or else Sam wouldn't be safe when he dealt with Lucifer head-on.

  2. God, where are you? Katie Yu / The CW

    Amara entered a church and demanded to see God in person, but was in for a rude awakening when a minister told her to pray. After she said it wasn't working, he told her, 'God is the light that vanquishes the darkness.' After sucking out the souls of everyone in the church, Amara screamed at God, 'Show yourself!' But does He? Nope.

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    Later, Rowena ( Ruth Connell ) was brought before her son Crowley and the Winchesters. Dean wanted everyone to hold off on killing each other until they could take out the Darkness. To get Rowena to go along with their plan, Crowley told his mother he would call off his assassins if she helped them. She reluctantly agreed and asked what was in the Cage in the first place. The boys told her Lucifer and her reaction was that of a fangirl trying really hard not to fangirl.

    Meanwhile, a horde of angels on Earth met to discuss the Darkness' plan to take over Heaven. One angel threw shade right and left about how God wasn't around and how their leaders were crap.

  3. The return of Lucifer Katie Yu / The CW

    Team 'Stop The Darkness' got to work. While Sam was on 'witch duty,' working with/babysitting Rowena as she poured over the Book of the Damned, Dean donned his FBI suit and felt Amara's presence. She used her ~magic~ or whatever to beam him to some secluded place. Amara explained that killing all those people was to get her brother's attention. 'My issue is with my brother, not His creation.' The Darkness told Dean she and God didn't have a father and the souls she consumed aren't gone; they'd live forever because they're a part of her.

    In the meantime, Rowena, Crowley and Sam went to Hell after Rowena figured out what to do. Ironically, Crowley said, 'I'm the king of this place and it's still not my cup of tea.' Rowena tested out her spell on the Cage. Fire surrounded it, the music took a dramatic turn and Crowley said, 'It begins.'

    Lucifer creepily appeared with his glowing, red, demonic eyes. After spotting Sam, the Devil said, 'My old roommate.' Sam stared uneasily at him as Lucifer made evil puppy dog eyes at the younger Winchester. Clearly out of the loop, Lucifer had zero idea the Darkness was back and seeking vengeance. He wanted to know where God was — aka the question everyone in the 'Supernatural' fandom would also like to know. Sam revealed God sent him visions, and he was supposed to seek out Lucifer. While they talked, Rowena swooned hardcore for the handsome devil.

  4. A supernatural make out session Liane Hentscher / The CW

    Dean asked Amara what she wanted, and she replied, 'Everything.' Basically, she wanted to replace God, but as the Dark, not as the Light. Fantastic. Suddenly, Dean stabbed her, but the blade broke on impact. Womp womp. Instead of getting pissed off, Amara started making out with him. Um, OK?

    Lucifer told Sam he wanted out of Hell and needed a vessel — he needed Sam's body that was robust enough to hold Lucifer. When Sam was all like, 'Hell to the nope,' the Devil told him that was what God wanted him to do; it was why he sent the young Winchester to the Lucifer.

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  5. The mother of all bombshells Liane Hentscher / The CW

    After Amara told Sam she wanted her and Dean to work together as one, it was his turn to say, 'Hell to the nope.' Soon, three angels appeared and tried to fight Amara, but she killed them without breaking a sweat. After they died, a storm began brewing and a huge beam of light appeared. Then, Dean was returned to the spot from where Amara took him, looking thoroughly confused.

    Back in Hell, Rowena's the spell wore off, and Lucifer forced Sam in the Cage with him. Moments later, the Devil revealed HE was the one who'd been sending Sam visions. Lucifer was the one in Sam's head, not God. Oh sh-t. Oh sh-t. Oh sh-t.

    Also, where the hell was Adam Winchester when all of this went down? Wasn't he supposed to be trapped in the Cage, too?

Season 11 of 'Supernatural' will return Wednesday, Jan. 20.