The Surfers On Riding The True Wave Of Surf Music

Surfers Riding True Wave Surf Music

Spearheaded by such groups as the Beach Boys in the early '60s, and then followed by such '70s groups as Dick Dale and the Ventures -- and even to some contemporary punk ska-groups such as the Offspring and Pennywise, surf music has been known to surface every few years to ride a wave of new popularity.

Now two icons of the long board, Kelly Slater and Rob Machado, have formed a band, the Surfers, with ex-MTV 'Sandblast' host Peter King and have just released their debut album, 'Songs from the Pipe,' which was produced by veteran musician T-Bone Burnett, who oversaw the Counting Crows' first record, 'August and Everything After.'

According to Peter King, one of the Surfer's goals is to shake up people's popular (mis)conceptions about the sounds and stylings of surf music, and King told MTV News that the band actually targets such stereotypes.

'Once people hear our stuff,' King said, 'they’re pretty blown away. Everybody's like, 'Hey, you're surfers. I thought

it was gonna be like Blink [182] or Pennywise or surf music.' But that's not surf music, that's just music that's in surf videos. To us, surf music is stuff like the Ventures, the Safaris, Dick Dale -- that walkdown, y'know. That was [Dick Dale's] trip to get people in the water. [300k QuickTime] So, we don't really sound like that, we don't really sound like punk rock new surf music, but somewhere in between maybe, we come together.'

The Surfers will play San Diego on September 12, kicking off a mini-tour that wraps up on September 30 in Orlando, Florida.

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