Surf's Up! Ross Lynch And The Cast Of 'Teen Beach Movie 2' Are Seriously Scorching

Surfs Up Ross Lynch

With summer in full-swing, it's time to soak up the sun (responsibly, of course), hit the beach and watch ' Teen Beach Movie 2 ' -- duh!

The Disney Channel Original Movie is a sequel to the surprise hit musical flick 'Teen Beach Movie,' starring Ross Lynch ( swoon ) and Maia Mitchell as time-traveling beach buddies. Now, Mack and Brady are back in 'Teen Beach Movie 2' -- and they're not alone. They get a surprising visit from Tanner (Garrett Clayton), Lela (Grace Phipps) and all of your other favorite fictional characters from 'Wet Side Story,' when the beach bums and biker kids from the movie are transported to the real world.

The cast of the sure-to-be stellar DCOM hit the red carpet yesterday (June 22) for the premiere of the summer sequel, and they seriously turned up the heat. Check out the seriously scorching cast of 'Teen Beach Movie 2.'

  • Maia Mitchell turned the carpet into her own personal runway. Getty Images

    Those brows are everything.

  • Ross Lynch and Giggles looked amazing. Getty Images

    We need Mollee Gray's perfectly tousled beach waves like we need water, tbh.

  • Garrett Clayton showed off that smolder. Getty Images
  • LOOK INTO THOSE EYES. Getty Images


  • Ross kept things casual... casually BAE. Getty Images

    We need water ASAP.

  • Mollee got turnt up. Getty Images
  • The cast looked ***flawless. Getty Images
  • Maia brought her A-game with this chic striped crop top ensemble. Getty Images
  • And R5 SHUT IT DOWN with their fierceness. Getty Images

    Rydel, girl, you look amazing.