Surprise! -- Katy Perry's H&M Holiday Campaign Is More Than Just Festive Clothes

Surprise Katy Perrys H M Holiday Campaign Is More Than Just Festive Clothes

In July, Katy Perry revealed she'd be fronting the new H&M holiday campaign . While we were excited to see what the collab would look like, we weren't, um, exactly eager to see sweaters in the middle of the summer. Now that it's November, though, we are totally ready, which is good, because the campaign just dropped.


The print campaign features Katy showing off a number of the festive pieces, including a sparkly shirt, feather skirt, and open-sleeve tuxedo jacket. In a press release , H&M describes the collection as mixing 'festive glamour, style and fun,' which, TBH, could double as a description for Katy's overall aesthetic.


While there are dresses, skirts, and shirts, Katy's fave piece is the Elfie Selfie sweater, which, essentially, turns you into a sparkly elf. Is there a better way to celebrate the holidays? I don't think so.

The print campaign isn't the only thing we can expect from Katy and H&M—hallelujah!—there is a commercial debuting on November 23, which includes 'Every Day Is A Holiday,' a new song from Katy. New music AND sequined sweaters to wear while listening? Yes, please.

It's starting to look a lot like a Katy-approved Christmas, and we like it.