Take On King Midas In 'God Of War: Ghost Of Sparta'

Take King Midas Ingod War

Details on Ready At Dawn's next PSP title, 'God Of War: Ghost Of Sparta', have been slowly trickling out. The developer had previously revealed that the game opens in the waterlogged city of Atlantis, with Kratos arriving on a ship.

Today, during an E3 demo, Ready At Dawn announced a brand new addition to Kratos' enemy list; King Midas.

The portion of today's demo featuring King Midas opened with Kratos standing in what appeared to be a cave environment. Pouring down the walls and in large pools was red-hot lava. I asked the devs for a title for the level and was told it's called Volcanic Pass.

Details on Volcanic Pass' placement and purpose in 'Ghost Of Sparta' are still unclear. However, Ready At Dawn did share that the level was caused as a consequence of some yet to be revealed action by Kratos.

Walking deeper into the cave, Kratos finally comes upon a weeping King Midas. Grabbing Midas instigates a quick-time event, where failure means Midas lays a golden hand upon Kratos -- with obvious repercussions.

Accurately completing the button sequence, Kratos will knock Midas out cold and drag him to what appears to be a very hot end in a waiting lava flow.

On a related note, the button indicators during those sequences in 'Ghost Of Sparta' are now conveniently placed on the edges of the screen just like 'God Of War 3'.